Claire Colette & Nassim Hantezadeh @ Ochi Projects In Los Angeles

Claire Colette’s Mountains, Time, and Other Devices is a solo exhibition featuring new paintings by the Los Angeles based artist. Mountains, Time, and Other Devices is an investigation into darkness, light, time, and mysticism. A series of quiet, abstract landscapes consider concepts of interconnectedness relating to land, the cosmos, and the self. Like the Transcendentalist painters of the 20th century, Colette links external and internal realities, and infuses her paintings with influences from tantric symbolism and elements referencing nature.

As I Travel is the title of Nassim Hantezadeh’s exhibition. “Since I moved back to the United States from Iran, making daily works on paper where I draw my everyday emotions and sentiments is a way to deal with the isolation and the alienation that the situation initiated to my body. Sometimes the outcome of those drawings is abstract and may prevent a read based on the semiology of the visual system that our eyes are educated with. Other times it is direct enough to make links to familiar forms, such as objects, body organs, and figures.” The exhibitions are on view from September 15 to October 27 at Ochi Projects 3301 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock