Jean Dubuffet's Théâtres De Mémoire @ Pace Gallery In New York

Pace Gallery presents the first exhibition of Jean Dubuffet’s Théâtres de mémoire series in New York since 1979. The exhibition is curated by Arne Glimcher, the founder of Pace Gallery. “These gigantic collages are composed of overlapping papers, layer upon layer, where Dubuffet has tested their placement by moving the elements, adding, rearranging, and deleting images until an eventual perfect coalescence of the interlocking parts satisfied the artist,” says Glimcher. The Théâtres de mémoire is one of Dubuffet’s most important series of works, and contains some of the largest paintings he ever made. Each work is made up of smaller paintings, which the artist cut out and glued to the canvas. The paintings depict abstractions, landscapes, scribbles and figures from Dubuffet’s mind. For Dubuffet, each of the Théâtres de mémoire is a collection of actual places and scenes that crowd and conflict in our memory. The exhibition is on view through June 29th at Pace Gallery 510 West 25th Street New York. Photographs by Adam Lehrer