Opening Of Homestead @ OOF Books in los angeles

OOF Books presents "Homestead": a solo show featuring the work of artist and sculptor Chris Zickefoose. Zickefoose utilizes materials made readily available due to rapid development. In the Mojave desert there is a transformation occurring—old homestead cabins are being demolished or renovated in order to accommodate a growing desire to occupy the Joshua Tree area. Architectural debris piles up on these re-developed properties. Homestead encapsulates these fragments, paying homage to the past while also welcoming the future. Zickefoose removes the found materials from their context, allowing them to transcend themselves and take on a metaphysical utility. His sculptures challenge the ways in which we assign meaning and value to the physical world. Homestead is open through August 5th 2018 @ OOF Books, 912A Cypress Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90065, Photos by Lani Trock.