Preston Douglas Presents "Midas Touch" In Houston

Video by Income Taxes

In the tradition of artist-organized exhibitions- from “The Times’ Square Show” to Damien Hirst’s entrepreneurial warehouse shows of early 1990s London, Midas Touch fills a huge vacant jewelry emporium known by the same name with the work of 22 artists, all who define the present state of art in Houston. Not waiting around for official approval or even rejection, artist and curator Preston Douglas reminds us that the artists always know best, that their touch is always a Midas Touch, because their hands are still dirty from the studio, because they care, or because they don't care, because they get tired of waiting, because someone had to do it, because if not now, then when?

Participating artists include Brandon Araujo, Debra Barrera, Hank Bond, Shannon Crider, Grace Deal, Preston Douglas, Heath Flagtvedt, Mark Flood, Dana Frankfort, Gem Hale, Shana Hoehn, Adrian Jimienez, Max Kremer, Paul Kremer, El Franco Lee, Sepp Lemberger, Decarte May, Kate Mulholland, Evelyn Pustka, Heather Rubinstein, Terry Suprean, and Tyler Swanner.

Midas Touch is on view through May 4 on Saturdays from 1-5pm at 6705 Capital Street Houston, TX, with a closing reception from 6-10pm.