Sarah Wilson's "Self-Careless" @ East Hollywood Fine Art in LA

Self-Careless is the first solo exhibition of painting and sculpture from artist Sarah Wilson. Rendered in a Skittles darkside palette, four paintings whorl the mundanity of quotidian female rituals into psychological and emotional landscapes. Interior states become fleshy, surrealistic figures plaintively playing out the antinomies of self-care, consumption, and isolation. Girls lounge precariously on counters, like a Cézanne apple about to fall. Here, the body is a model for families and institutions without ever losing its sticky corporeality. The sculptures bring the artist’s deft materiality in conversation with her family history, incorporating intimate, personal photographs tucked into amalgamated structures salvaged from her former family home. A giant stuffed denim chair hangs from the ceiling in chains, alternately conveying attitudes of louche display and blank surrender. Some might say they are one and the same. “Self-Careless” will be on view until May 18. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper