Rebecca Morgan: Town And Country @ Asya Geisberg Gallery In New York

Rebecca Morgan: "Town and Country" shows the extent of Morgan's achievement in painting, with forays into printmaking and brass sculpture, new endeavors for the artist. With archly symbolic portraits and complex scenes, Morgan weaves a grand narrative of gendered subversion buttressed by broader societal scale. Morgan's characters straddle both the timelessness of morality tales, and the specific moment that we find ourselves in - redefining gender relations and reviewing historical representations in works from John Hughes movies, to stylized exemplars like Rubens and Fragonard, to Norman Rockwell's foundational Americana lore. While always emanating from a contemporary socio-political yet diaristic lens, Morgan's works now chart a wider continuum of referents. Archetypal characters strain against their roles, undermine fabricated notions of romance, and confront the hollowness and fear behind current masculinity, with both levity and tension. Town and Country is on view though November 2 at Asya Geisberg Gallery 537b West 23rd Street, New York. photographs courtesy of the gallery

Leah Guadagnoli Presents "Soft Violence" @ Asya Geisberg Gallery In New York

Soft Violence is an exhibition of sculptural paintings by Leah Guadagnoli. With a sparer touch than her prior work, the artist has presented a sort of exaggerated logo, a calling card of absurd proportions, with textured panels, upholstered shapes, and painted canvas uniting to form a streamlined rectangular result.  Whereas her recent work incorporated digitally-printed patterns on fabric and eclectic juxtapositions, this series has a reined-in seriousness that belies gaudy Miami sunsets and remaining hints of "Saved by the Bell", and its heightened simplicity acts as a cohesive statement on abstraction's potential as graphic power. The images seem familiar, but they are a design for a non-existent entity - fully empty, thwarting connection. Soft Violence is on view through February 16 at Asya Geisberg Gallery 537b West 23rd Street, New York. photographs courtesy of Asya Geisberg Gallery

Julie Schenkelberg "Embodied Energies" At Asya Geisberg Gallery In New York

Industrial demise and the decaying glamour of a gloried era are two of the main themes in Julie Schenkelberg’s site-specific installation Swan Song at Asya Geisberg Gallery in New York. The large-scale installation is made up of found industrial as well as domestic objects, collected over the course of five years and put together in ten weeks before transferring it into the gallery space. The installation is overwhelming and beautiful at the same time, traversing the entire gallery space from floor to ceiling. The seemingly randomly piled objects have been carefully arranged and are reminiscent of abandoned and destroyed family homes. Fully grounded in the space the precariously mounted chairs and stacked pieces of furniture give the installation an upward reach making it heavy and light at the same time. The mix of textures, fabrics, solid foam and powder, and colors, white, turquoise and brown further supports this juxtaposition. Julie Schenkelberg "Embodied Energies" will be on view until October 24, 2015 at Asya Geisberg Gallery in New York. text and images by Adriana Pauly

Mira Dancy & Sarah Peters BODYRITE @ Asya Geisberg Gallery

Asya Geisberg Gallery presents Mira Dancy and Sarah Peters in "BODYRITE", an exhibition of paintings and sculpture. The duo's seemingly opposite oeuvres - acid-hued graphic paintings and terracotta miniatures - award us with the possibilities of reimagining the female body as a series of poses, affects, or mere outlines. BODYRITE will be on view until November 26 at Asya Geisberg Gallery 537B West 23rd Street