FUN HANG Group Show @ Karma International in Los Angeles

Karma International presents FUN HANG, a group show curated by Jools Braiman-Rothblatt and featuring artists Alex Becerra, Poy Born, Nick Farhi, Kim Fuck, Kezia Harrell, Ariana Papademetropoulos, Rachelle Sawatsky, Nicole-Antonia Spagnola, Ambrose Vallard, Bri Williams, and Phillip Zach.

What is a FUN HANG? Is hanging a fun activity? Subjects and objects that hang: fruits hang, friends can hang, art hangs once it has been hung, and, on a more macabre note, bodies can hang too. Does art hang as bodies, fruits, or friends? Can we separate the schema of art hanging from the bodies who made them and then the body who hung it? How is the body, the object and the hanger always in flux?

How fun is the process of FUN HANG? Did all bodies have fun hanging, participating, making, and being in the FUN HANG. Does the labor account for this FUN? If we accounted for this FUN could FUN still be had? Is the install FUN, does making need to be FUN, or is FUN more of an affect, a position of resistance, of jouissance, of pleasure that can not be removed from one's liberation to the world? How subjective are our FUNs?

Are these decisions situated in a kind of subjective relationship to FUN? Does FUN have or could have an aesthetic like cool could be said to once have had an aesthetic? Have FUN!

FUN HANG is on view through August 10 at Karma International 4619 W Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper