Pop Music Is Not A Dirty Word: Read Our Exclusive Interview With Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor On His Beautiful New Solo Album

For the past 16 years, the quintessential British electronic group Hot Chip has been releasing album after delicious album, with a bevy of catchy tracks that are pop magic at its majestic finest. At the core of Hot Chip is a singular voice that is longing, soulful and demonically angelic. That singular voice belongs to Alexis Taylor, who this month released a new solo album, simply titled Piano, that is perhaps best described as antithetical to the grand pop balladry of Hot Chip, or even his own past solo records, but still maintains that signature wistful expressiveness. If Hot Chip is music to get high to, and to dance the night away to, Taylor’s newest album is music for reflection, introspection and soul-searching. Click here to read more. 

Alexis Taylor From Hot Chip Releases Music Video For "I'm Ready" Off Upcoming Album

I'm Ready is taken from Alexis Taylor's solo album 'Piano' out on 10th June on Moshi Moshi Records. Download the sheet music here to play the song yourself. The music video is directed by Simon Owens: "Working with Alexis was like working with Vantablack, I couldn't see or talk to him."