"The Street & The Shop" Flea Market @ Tin Flats In Los Angeles

The Street & The Shop, was a one-day event at Tin Flats showcasing unique works from over 40 LA-based Artists and galleries. The flea market was an homage to Oldenburg’s pop art experiment and featured artists like Simon Haas, Alex Becerra, Steve Hash, Ammon Rost, Jake Kean Mayman and more… The first edition of The Street & The Shop took place at Tin Flats, 1989 Blake Ave, Los Angeles. photographs by Agathe Pinard

Ammon Rost's Exhibition "Rudder" @ LTD Los Angeles

In the fallout of a broken heart, specific and at times odd provocations emerge to elicit bittersweet emotions- the smell of a candle, a cat food commercial, a house with a triangular window. It changes person to person, but our brains insist that we ascribe emotional significance to seemingly unrelated, otherwise trivial occurrences. Ammon Rost's paintings for Rudder document a production of unforeseen romantic narratives, where every inclusion, every stroke or line or erasure either comes directly from a real experience, or becomes a representation of one. Every mark a memory. "Rudder" is on view through May 5th at LTD Los Angeles 1119 South La Brea Avenue Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock