GOOD TASTE, A Group Exhibition Curated by Paige Silveria @ The Arts District Of DTLA

GOOD TASTE is a collaborative project, curated by Paige Silveria, presenting an intimate take on the current state of arts and culture in our society. It blends various disciplines of contemporary art into the format of a group exhibition. GOOD TASTE simultaneously exists in the mainstream yet provokes and predicts the mainstream. Artists featured include Philip Ashley, Soft Baroque, Lisa Boalt, Ganna Bogdan, Erik Brunetti, Cali Thornhill DeWitt, DRx, Erik Foss, Taj François, Lukas Gansterer, Joe Garvey, Jan Gatewood, Julian Klincewicz, Alex Knost, Stephen McClintock, Jason Nocito, Hassan Rahim, Shay Semple, B. Thom Stevenson, Nick Stewart, Devin Troy Strother, Peter Sutherland and Stephen Zerbe. GOOD TASTE was on view from August 22-28 at 801 Mateo Street in The Arts District of DTLA.

James Georgopoulos "The Earth Is Flat" @ MAMA Gallery In Los Angeles

MAMA Gallery presents The Earth Is Flat, James Georgopoulos’ second solo exhibition at the gallery. Buoyed by four new video sculptures that the artist created out of found, fabricated, and handmade materials, The Earth Is Flat is an interrogation of artificial intelligence (AI) and the values and hazards implicit to autonomous computing. The artist‘s four sculptures themselves are superficially interconnected to insinuate that technology has inculcated itself as an indissoluble event in human history. James Georgopoulos "The Earth Is Flat" will be on view until June 11, 2016 at MAMA Gallery, 1242 Palmetto Street, Los Angeles, CA.