Friday Playlist: A World Where Goth Is Funky and Noise Is Fashion and Anti Fashion Is Art

The best new record I heard this week, aside from The Life of Pablo obviously, is the newest release by London-based producer Brood Ma, Daze. A volatile collision of funk, noise, house, and techno, the album sounds viciously contemporary, indicative of the evolution of London and New York-based label Tri Angle. Never in my life have I seen a label that has almost as much influence on the underground as it does on the mainstream. Click here to read the full playlist.

For Autre's Fourth Friday Playlist We Present A Selection Of Tunes To Help With Your Post Fashion Week Comedown

The last two weeks have been madness for those of us amongst the art and fashion media. Who ever decided that New York Fashion Week and Art Gallery Back to School should fall on the same week is a terrible person. Perhaps there wasn't as much overlap in the art and fashion worlds when this was decided? Click here to listen to the ultimate playlist – a little ambient, drone and chilled out IDM – to help with your post fashion and art week come down.