Remembering Fort Thunder, Providence's '90s Radical Art and Music Space

"For some reason, people fail to acknowledge the importance of the city of Providence, Rhode Island on music, art, design, and culture at large... But there was a time that Providence was the most important city in the country for avant-garde music and radical art. That time was Fort Thunder."  Click here to listen to the full playlist.

Friday Playlist: A World Where Goth Is Funky and Noise Is Fashion and Anti Fashion Is Art

The best new record I heard this week, aside from The Life of Pablo obviously, is the newest release by London-based producer Brood Ma, Daze. A volatile collision of funk, noise, house, and techno, the album sounds viciously contemporary, indicative of the evolution of London and New York-based label Tri Angle. Never in my life have I seen a label that has almost as much influence on the underground as it does on the mainstream. Click here to read the full playlist.

For This Week's Friday Playlist, Jam to the Deliciously Sweet Sounds of Motown Soul and Funk

Whenever I get the proverbial gun to the head and am asked if I could only listen to one genre of music forever, I go with soul and funk. Why? Because it's everything: amazing lyrics, amazing singing, political, emotional, makes you dance, makes you cry, makes you sex. Click here to listen to the playlist.

For Autre's 7th Friday Playlist, Indulge in the Extreme Sound of Second Wave Black Metal

Before I continue, I should mention that I really don’t listen to extreme music with the same regularity that I once did. When I was about 20 to 22 years old (2009 to 2011 or so) I was living in Tucson, studying creative writing, and carrying a major chip on my shoulder. I was wearing black exclusively (even in punishing Arizona heat), watching horror films, reading Anton Lavey, using hard drugs, and listening to the most extreme forms of music that I could find: harsh noise, death metal, power electronics, power violence, dark ambient, and lots and lots of black metal. It was fun for a while, but I lacked the pervasive sense of unhappiness to really commit to that lifestyle. So I moved on, or back, to other forms of music that I loved: hip-hop, dance music, psychedelic rock, jazz, punk, etc.. But an appreciation for the explorers of extreme sound has persisted. Click here to listen to the playlist.

For Autre's Fourth Friday Playlist We Present A Selection Of Tunes To Help With Your Post Fashion Week Comedown

The last two weeks have been madness for those of us amongst the art and fashion media. Who ever decided that New York Fashion Week and Art Gallery Back to School should fall on the same week is a terrible person. Perhaps there wasn't as much overlap in the art and fashion worlds when this was decided? Click here to listen to the ultimate playlist – a little ambient, drone and chilled out IDM – to help with your post fashion and art week come down.