A Dark and Fluffy World: Read Our Interview With Galen Pehrson Before The Premiere of His Animated Film The Caged Pillows

Watching one of Galen Pehrson’s films, like his most recent, The Caged Pillows, starring the likes of Jena Malone and James Franco, is like stepping into a psychedelic cartoon where you can’t help feeling a tinge of déjà vu – you’re not sure if it was a dream, a childhood memory, or an omen. It’s as though a mixture of real life memories and old movie scenes were plucked from your brain and rearranged into a brilliant new narrative. They’re the renderings of a world that most of us have inhabited for all our lives, but for Galen, who spent the first 12 years of his life in rural Nevada City, without access to cable TV or any other means of consuming pop culture, this world can be seen from a slightly outside perspective. Click here to read more. 

Lola Rose Thompson 'Spells For Improving Your Sex Life' @ Last

Los Angeles based artist Lola Rose Thompson refracts the beguiling and sordid lights of Hollywood in her solo show at LAST Projects, comprising new paintings, drawings, sculpture and neon art. The opening of the exhibition also featured a psychedelic black light performance by Jena Malone. Through profuse and feverish figurations she limns memory, sex, new age aphorisms and and the entertainment industrial complex, offering up highly specific, short narratives in her titles, leaving one to wonder if she's actually playing the long con. Lola Rose Thompson 'Spells For Improving Your Sex Life' will be on view until March 28, 2015. photographs by Ethan DeLorenzo