A Tour of Artist and Photographer Zoe Crosher's Studio

Zoe Crosher, Founder and President of the Los Angeles branch of The Fainting Club, is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. Inspired by the collapse of the image and the imaginary, Crosher explores disconnects between the fantasy of something and its reality. Through her conceptual mappings of identities and self-hoods, both of place (Out The Window and LA-LIKE) and person (The Michelle duBois Project), Crosher is interested in activating the gaps between expectation and misremembering. Recent works have been realized as sculptures and perfumes, billboards and desserts, entropic walls, and fools gold dust paintings, musical compositions and collaborations of all kinds, including curating, publications, and of course, images. Conflating the real and the fake, and concerned with an iterative process, repetition, and multiples that emerge through virtual and real-time, she engages the fiction of documentary and the impossibility of the archive, eschewing any sort of belief in a singular history – aka, the “Imagiatic”. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper