The Opening of Sylvie Fleury's L.A. Bougainvillea @ Karma International

A potpourri of plush and furry textures, of bright and sparkling colors, and of lights and shapes are offered in this playful exhibition of sculptures, installation and and furry wall works in Sylvie Fleury's L.A. Bougainvillea. A seemingly haphazardly xeroxed "press release" à la '80s fanzine aesthetic provides a barebones biography of the artist, a stencil-ready black and white portrait that looks not unlike Patty Hearst in a pair of sleek aviators, and a handwritten list of ideas and materials possibly pulled directly from the artist's personal notebook. L.A. Bougainvillea is on view through May 5 at Karma International 4619 W Washington Blvd. Los Angeles. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper