Yayoi Kusama 'Give Me Love' On View Now At David Zwirner Gallery In New York

David Zwirner presents "Give Me Love," the gallery’s second exhibition with Yayoi Kusama in New York. On view in two spaces will be new paintings from the celebrated "My Eternal Soul" series and new polka-dotted pumpkin sculptures. The exhibition also marks the United States debut of "The Obliteration Room," an all-white, domestic interior that over the course of the show is covered by dots of varying sizes and colors. In a departure from earlier iterations of the work, which have involved one or several rooms, the present installation is built like a typical, prefabricated American suburban house. As visitors are handed a set of stickers and step inside, they enter a completely white residential setting where otherwise familiar objects such as a kitchen counter, couch, and bookshelves are all painted the same shade. Gradually transforming the space as a result of the interaction, the accumulation of the bright dots ultimately changes the interior until it is eradicated into a blur of colors. A sense of depth and volume disappears as individual pieces of furniture, floors, and walls blend together. Yayoi Kusama 'Give Me Love' will be on view until June 13, 2015 at David Zwirner, 519 & 525 West 19th Street, New York