Watch The Premier of Bradley Bailey's "Bone Song" Where He Plays An Acoustic Guitar With Nothing More Than A Human Femur Bone

In honor of all things dark, mystical and spooky, we present the premier of Bradley Bailey's "Bone Song," which is a sort of shamanic composition that harkens the soundtrack of a pagan ceremony. Bailey, who we interviewed a few years ago, plays the guitar with nothing more than a human femur bone. In the interview, Bailey remarks: "The human femur is the perfect bone for it functionally and also provides for a profound example of the fact that music is vibration and with its creation, it also carries destruction, it's a very natural phenomena, it courses through us at all times and extends beyond our very perception and sensory experience of it." The video has no effects or microphone and the sounds you hear are entirely acoustic. The short film is directed by Zev Deans & Jacqueline Castel.