Brian Kokoska's Collaborative Show With Chloe Seibert Is A Pepto-Bismol Shade of Pink and Full of Strange Artifacts

Johannes Vogt Gallery presents Night Cage, a two-person exhibition by Brian Kokoska and Chloe Seibert. Kokoska has altered the gallery space entirely in a Peto-Bismol shade of baby pink. Brian Kokoska's paintings explore sensibilities of a post-human "face" in which each composition is built from a series of gestures and recognizable iconography and symbols. His new monochromatic sculptures are built up from various acquired objects including snakes, Droopy the dog (an anthropomorphic cartoon dog introduced in 1943), rare collectible teddy bears, blankets, caskets and furniture. Each sculpture is intentionally altered and rearranged to induce a sort of hyper sentimentality or overwhelming sadness. Additionally, Kokoska is exhibiting a new work that is a selection from his collection of acquired prison drawings. Their intimate scale, cute subject matter and loving text is both personal to the artists childhood and to his current practice. Chloe Seibert uses scale and expression to evoke psychological and physical responses. In this selection of her work, gestural and aggressive mark making creates vague facial representations out of pedestrian materials and a bland palette. The works are decisively haphazard and familiarly disgruntled. She will be presenting two wall sculptures and a large head statue. Night Cage will be on view until June 20, 2015 at Johannes Vogt Gallery, 526 W 26th St., New York