Huma Bhabha Presents a Pantheon of Broken Gods, Totemic Cyborgs, and Animalistic Demons @ Salon 94 Gallery In New York

In Huma Bhabha’s third exhibition at Salon 94, the artist presents new work in both of the gallery’s downtown spaces. In each installation, Bhabha draws from an expansive trove of references that cross genres, centuries, continents and mediums. Her inspirations are non-hierarchical, coming as much from popular horror movies and science fiction as from ancient artifacts, religious reliquary, Modernist sculpture and German neo-expressionism. The work can be read as an encyclopedic memory that maps, retraces, and re-imagines cultural history as an active interplay between decay and renewal. The exhibition will be on view until June 28, 2015 Salon 94, 12 East 94th Street New York.