Tom Wesselmann "A Different Kind of Woman" @ Almine Rech Gallery In Paris

In October 2016, Almine Rech Gallery will host an exhibition of historical artworks by Tom Wesselmann, inspired by the artist’s 1970 exhibition at Sidney Janis Gallery in New York. Wesselmann’s ‘Bedroom Tit Box’, a key performative work from the Janis exhibition, will be restaged in Paris for the first time. The work will be installed alongside seminal examples of Wesselmann’s post-collage works, making the exhibition at Almine Rech the most significant presentation of the artist’s work in Paris since his 1995 retrospective at the Fondation Cartier, and groundbreaking 1967 exhibition at Ileana Sonnabend Gallery. Tom Wesselmann "A Different Kind of Woman"  will be on view until December 21, 2016 at Almine Rech Gallery in Paris. photographs by Mazzy-Mae Green