Watch The Music Video For FAIRE's "Se La Pasa Bien" From Their Forthcoming EP "La Vie"

UFO, collective, international plot? FAIRE, the band that is about to shake the French musical landscape, is a bit of ail of the above. Great dispensers of visceral and "dantesque" live shows where everything can happen: naked crowd members, furious mosh-pits, collective trance ... FAIRE telescopes through genres and ages, sweeps away psych rock and 80's new wave with an unbridled know-how that expresses the quintessence of what they call their "Gaule Wave," a well shaken mixture of spontaneity and French delirium. Their first EP “La vie” will be out on October 4th. Catch them live on October 3rd at La Boule Noire, 120 Boulevard de Rochechouart, Paris

Leelee Kimmel: Nuwar @ Almine Rech Gallery in Paris

Almine Rech Paris presents Nuwar, Leelee Kimmel’s first exhibition with the gallery. Leelee Kimmel’s paintings are investigations of inner and outer space, collisions between ur-ancient, chthonic nature and the hyper-sophisticated realm of Modernist and postmodernist art histories, between the preverbal and the phantasmagoria of the library, terse and voluble, suddenly laughing then stonily silent. Kimmel’s abstract biomorphs skitter through pitch black abyssal depths, like those of Beebe’s Arcturus Adventure, at once terrifying and comic. The shapes harken back to nature, while Kimmel’s palette is neon and acid, resoundingly anti-naturalistic. 

There’s a sense of potential catastrophe crowding the margins, as forms coil and ricochet through darkness: is that a turtle or a hand grenade revolving on the periphery, is that polyp a gun? Transformation is the guiding formal but also psychological and dare I say spiritual governing force in Kimmel’s dark glittering universe, fearsome and newborn, cunning monsters, mutants, aliens, explorers, invaders, these phantoms of Nuwar.

Nuwar is on view through July 27 at Almine Rech Gallery 64 Rue de Turenne 75003 Paris FR. photographs courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech

Lignes de vies – une exposition de légendes @ MAC VAL in Vitry-sur-Seine

Conceiving one’s life as a creative force is the vector shared by the 80 international artists featuring in the new temporary exhibition at MAC VAL. Titled “Lignes de vies – une exposition de légendes” (Lifelines – an Exhibition of Legends), this new highlight in the life of the Musée d’Art Contemporain du Val-de-Marne brings together work by several different generations of artists, representing every kind of practice, from photography to video via painting, installation, performance and writing. It continues a programme that, ever since the museum first opened in 2005, has worked to question modalities and instances in the construction of identity – or rather, identities. All the works shown in the extensive exhibition space deconstruct, analyse, critique or interrogate the phenomena and processes that shape and legitimise identity/identities. There are no narcissistic or self-centred gestures here; rather, the artists reconstruct and propose – more than new identities: chosen identities.

Lignes de vies – une exposition de légendes is on view through August 25 at MAC VAL Place de la Libération CS10022 94407 Vitry-sur-Seine, FR. photographs courtesy of MAC VAL

Guy Yanai Presents "The Conformist" @ Praz Delavallade In Paris

Guy Yanai’s practice is fueled by fables, stories and hymns - each painting is a reflection of the pragmatic side of our life. In his isolated moments, one may find a smiling child, a big splash, a lonely banana, a bristling cactus, a modernist lamp, a singing bird or a tiny boat gliding on placid waters below a clear sky. These individual vignettes bleed into one another and could continue forever, suspended in time and forming a timeless ensemble. Many of Yanai’s subjects are intentionally recognizable and commonplace, rendered in a pixelated appearance. The Conformist is on view through May 25 at Praz Delavallade 5 rue des Haudriettes, Paris. photographs courtesy of the gallery

Teo Hernández Presents "Shatter Appearances" @ Villa Vassilieff In Paris

Teo Hernández: Shatter appear­ances is the result of a long-term cura­to­rial research around this film­maker’s work and archive. Between 1968 and 1991, he pro­duced approx­i­mately 160 films, ranging in time and for­mats (8mm, Super-8 and 16mm). The exhi­bi­tion includes mate­rials not only from his per­sonal archive, but also from his close col­lab­o­ra­tors, friends and rel­a­tives. Centered around three themes (The Self Filmed, Bodily Vertigo; Intimate City), the goal is to empha­size his rad­ical inten­tion to pro­duce a tac­tile cinema informed by per­forming arts and con­tem­po­rary dance, in order to to invoke future bodies and real­i­ties. This pro­ject does not pro­pose a canon­ical inter­pre­ta­tion of his work, but rather offers the expe­ri­ence of some of Hernández’s con­cerns, obses­sions, and desires cir­cling iden­tity, the body and the city. Shatter Appearances will be on view through April 27 at Villa Vassilieff Chemin de Montparnasse 21 avenue du Maine, Paris. photographs by Aurélien Mole

Davide Balula: Outsourced Affects @ Galerie Frank Elbaz In Paris

For going on two decades, the body, ecology and technology have been Davide Balula’s central interests. Whether using a canvas to collect sediment and organisms from a riverbed, creating wifi antennae that emit monochromatic signals, or installing heat lamps in the gallery to amplify the audience’s body heat, the material and the immaterial have always been of equal concern. The prosaic and poetic never assumed to be antithetical.

During the opening reception, Davide Balula presented two new performances: ATTENTION SPAN COLOR METER (Brain Activity) and SELF BREATHING LUNGS, with the participation of Julien Derancy, Louis Laurain, Laurent Pascal, Elisabeth St James.

Outsourced Affects is on view through December 22 at Galerie Frank Elbaz 66 rue de Turenne, Paris. photographs by Claire Dorn, courtesy the artist and Galerie Frank Elbaz

The 2018 FIAC - International Fair Of Contemporary Art - Opens In Paris

The 45th edition of FIAC takes place in Paris from October 18 to 21, 2018 and will host 195 galleries at the Grand Palais. The selection is a composition of modern art galleries, contemporary and design among the most emblematic of the scene internationale and presents the best of artistic creation since the modern masters of the early twentieth century to emerging trends, notably represented by the Lafayette sector. photographs courtesy of FIAC

A Paris Fashion Week Diary From The Spring Summer 2019 Collections

photographs by Flo Kohl

Arturo Oliva Pedroza Releases 'Kissed Face' Book Alongside Exhibition @ Book & Job Gallery In San Francisco.

When asked to picture the streets of Paris, it might be challenging to deviate from images of the crowded boulevards, full of the café-concerts made popular by the end of the nineteenth century, with bodies dancing through the streets to the notes of Joe Dassin’s Les Champs Élysées or Edith Piaf’s La Vie en Rose. Arturo Oliva Pedroza’s Kissed Face offers something else. Instead, Pedroza gives calm, straightforward shots of hangouts in Paris—the romance of dimly lit spaces, of an evening’s early stages of debauchery, and of a slice of pizza.

These photographs emerged from Pedroza’s studies in Paris during 2009 and 2010. While photography itself functions in degrees of stillness—capturing, suspending, and depicting moments for infinite pictorial existence—Pedroza’s photographs have an echo to them. These sounds reverberate in the washed-out backgrounds of Pedroza’s nightly strolls, in the objects once loved, but set aside, and in the fleeting engagements with strangers. There is a softness in each frame that invites a viewer to stay awhile, to share a drag of a cigarette, and to watch the smoke make its way quickly into the sky.

Opening Reception Thursday, October 4th 5-10PM

Closing Reception Saturday, October 20th 5PM

Book & Job Gallery 838 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Buy the book here

Presentation of Yazbukey Fitness Club Spring Summer 2019 During Paris Fashion Week

A lithe group of dancers, acrobats and contortionists graced the stage for the high-voltage presentation of Yazbukey Fitness Club – surrealist designer, Yazbukey’s full-throttle spring/summer 2019 collection. Her latest works inspired by the current obsessions with fit culture, fitspo, and the like are a welcome alternative to the dominating athleisure forces as of late. photographs by Flo Kohl

Watch The Online Premiere of Soil: An Exploration Of Manipulation, Dependency, and Objectification

Soil is the debut film by Mathilde Huron & Julian Feeld. It was shot on Fuji Super 16mm film in the Bouches-du-Rhône department of Southern France and scored by Pontus Berghe, ex-member of Thieves Like Us and current member of Thunder Tillman, with featured actors Joe Rezwin, Liza Journo & Sati Leonne Faulks.

A young filmmaker with mixed intentions sets out to document the friendship between a fifteen-year-old Parisian girl and a homeless alcoholic on the verge of death. Between documentary and fiction, Soil is an exploration of manipulation, dependency, and objectification. This experimental psycho-thriller — a mix of documentary and fiction — was screened in Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles. 

Georg Baselitz "Descente" @ Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac's Paris Pantin Space

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by German artist Georg Baselitz in the Paris Pantin space. Titled Descente (Down), it brings together new paintings and works on paper. The exhibition comprises five groups of works that are stylistically and iconographically linked to the fragmented self-portraits known as the Avignon series, which was shown at the 2015 Venice Biennale. Two of Baselitz’s concerns were the notions of “late work” and “age”, with particular reference to the historical decision of the city of Avignon to reject the donation of a series of late works by Picasso. In 2017, one year before Baselitz’s 80th birthday, these themes are still relevant, as he has recently stated: “I have been looking at Picasso’s late works. Avignon. At the time Picasso had reached his lowest point. Nobody wanted these later paintings. Arman and Christo did their thing in Paris whereas Picasso was absent. If you’re getting old you keep asking yourself: Am I still part of it, or are the others already ahead of me?” Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac  "Descente" will be on view until June 2, 2017 at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac. photographs by Mazzy-Mae Green

The Imaginary World of Diego Giacometti @ Sotheby's Paris Galerie Charpentier

Sotheby’s Paris presents The Imaginary World of Diego Giacometti, an exceptional exhibition dedicated to his work. For one week, the Galerie Charpentier will showcase more than 60 works generously loaned by private collectors who were close to the artist, as well as memorabilia and some of the tools he used to create his sculptures. The exhibition will give an overview of the sculptor's singular creative talent, imbued with his poetic imagination. In the 1960s, he began designing chairs, tables, consoles and lamps where animals including frogs, mice, deer, foxes, dogs, cats and ostriches scurry, gambol and observe each other. The event will bring the artist's bestiary to life in Paris during an exhibition that includes previously unseen pieces, now unveiled to the public for the first time. The Imaginary World Of Diego Giacometti will be on view until January 31, 2017 at Galerie Charpentier, 76, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré