“Simon Yotsuya + Eikoh Hosoe, Hajime Sawatari, Tenmei Kanoh” Group Exhibition @ Akio Nagasawa Gallery In Tokyo

The idea behind this show was inspired by an exhibition of portraits of Simon Yotsuya by ten photographers that was held at Kinokuniya Gallery back in 1972. In addition to dolls made by Simon Yotsuya as a centerpiece, shown here are pictures of Simon Yotsuya taken by three of the photographers featured in the above-mentioned 1972 exhibition – Eikoh Hosoe, Hajime Sawatari and Tenmei Kanoh. By introducing works that each of the four artists made in the 1970s and in the 2000s, the exhibition aims to illustrate a little over forty years in the eccentric life of Simon Yotsuya by way of his own dolls and portraits shots by three extraordinary photographers. “Simon Yotsuya + Eikoh Hosoe, Hajime Sawatari, Tenmei Kanoh” will be on view until December 25, 2016 at Akio Nagasawa Gallery In Tokyo.