Francesco Vezzoli "Villa Marlene" @ Nouveau Musée National In Monaco

Villa Marlene is a project devised by Francesco Vezzoli, who retraces his work devoted to the mythical figure of Marlene Dietrich over more than 15 years. Between new works made specially for the exhibition and works present in large private collections, Villa Marlene proposes a fictional circuit in an abode which might have welcomed the actress, decorated with portraits in her likeness produced by the most important artists of her day and age. The artist here creates a fantasy mise en scène-like presentation of the diva’s life and alerts viewers to this as soon as they arrive: “Everything that you will see in this exhibition is just pure fiction”. Francesco Vezzoli "Villa Marlene" will be on view until September 11, 2016 at the Nouveau Musée National In Monaco, Villa des Pins - B 8, rue Honoré Labande