Opening of Las Lenguas Group Show @ BBQLA

Las Lenguas is an exhibition about the potential languages of the body. It presents works that explore the representation of the figure by way of its inaudible gestures of expression. This is different from the soul inside of the eyes. It asks to observe the nuance of a lover, of a stranger, the alienation of a foreign language, and the failures of both the voice and the body to translate into distinguishable codes of associations. Las Lenguas are presences whose capabilities figuratively translate through the mysterious shapes made by the body to reveal or conceal in interior and exterior worlds in which it exists. Exhibiting artists include: Manny Castro, Alan Gutierrez, Yaron Michael Hakim, Shaun Johnson, Sofía Londoño, Jesse Mockrin, Nora Riggs, Ellen Schafer, and Hiejin Yoo. The exhibition is on view through July 14 at BBQLA 2315 Jesse Street Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock