ASHES/ASHES Presents L’IM_MAGE_N Group Exhibition In New York

L’IM_MAGE_N is a group exhibition curated by Timothy Hull, featuring Graham Anderson, Gina Beavers, Mathew Cerletty, Gregory Edwards, Anya Kielar, and Chason Matthams. The show’s title plays on the word image, folding it into different linguistic aspects yet allowing for the stability of decipherment. One could look at this through the rhetoric of the pop image, denoting a distillation or simplification into something symbolically new. While elements may be re-arranged, the image can still be read and understood—if not intellectually, then psychically. Although the image is passed through a sieve, its meaning contains vestiges of its origin. L’IM_MAGE_N is on view through August 4 at ASHES/ASHES 56 Eldridge Street New York, NY. photographs courtesy the artists and ASHES/ASHES, New York