Wendy White Presents "Racetrack Playa" @ Shulamit Nazarian In Los Angeles

Wendy White’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, Racetrack Playa, features new paintings, sculptures, pigment prints, and a site-specific installation. The exhibition takes its name from a three-mile dry lakebed in Death Valley National Park where sliding rocks or “sailing stones” have inscribed mysterious linear imprints on the landscape. Using this scarred landscape as a metaphor for our current times, the works in Racetrack Playa explore power, entitlement, and imperialism via the aesthetics and evolution of American car culture. Racetrack Playa is on view through May 25 at Shulamit Nazarian 616 N La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

Hue & Cry Curated by Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld

Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld hosts a one night only selling exhibition in collaboration with Sotheby's. Entitled  Hue + Cry, Roitfeld says about the exhibition: "In a networked age of following and sharing — of “pinning,” tweeting,” and “liking” virtual images of fleeting consequence — Hue & Cry strives to lead with the first embodied principles of painting and sculpture. Always physical and tactile, the tools remain simple, the colors a vivid spectrum, and the results infinitely variable as each of the twenty artists gathered here strives to ignite their own interior light." Artist such as Nicolas Pol and abstract sculptor Robert Melee, among others, will be on view. Hue & Cry will be on view October 5, 2012 at Sotheby's S2 Gallery, 1334 York Avenue, New York