Naudline Pierre: For I Am With You Until the End of Time @ Shulamit Nazarian In Los Angeles

I Am With You Until the End of Time is an exhibition of works that range in scale from the intimate to the monumental by Brooklyn-based Naudline Pierre. Her paintings and works on paper serve as portals into a mysterious world. Informed by her religious upbringing, Pierre’s works conflate the aesthetics of centuries-old traditions found in Western art history with the artist’s personal narrative. I Am With You Until the End of Time is on view through October 26 at Shulamit Nazarian 616 N La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles. photographs courtesy of the gallery

Wendy White Presents "Racetrack Playa" @ Shulamit Nazarian In Los Angeles

Wendy White’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, Racetrack Playa, features new paintings, sculptures, pigment prints, and a site-specific installation. The exhibition takes its name from a three-mile dry lakebed in Death Valley National Park where sliding rocks or “sailing stones” have inscribed mysterious linear imprints on the landscape. Using this scarred landscape as a metaphor for our current times, the works in Racetrack Playa explore power, entitlement, and imperialism via the aesthetics and evolution of American car culture. Racetrack Playa is on view through May 25 at Shulamit Nazarian 616 N La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

Fay Ray's "I AM THE HOUSE" Exhibition @ Shulamit Nazarian

I AM THE HOUSE continues Ray’s interest in the fetishization of objects and the construction of female identity through high-contrast, monochromatic photomontages and suspended metallic sculptures. Throughout this series, she situates the body as a vessel, one that carries life, physical memories, and emotional fortitude.

Employing a wide array of images and materials, these new works usher in various references to transformations that occur during the initial and end stages of life. Eggs, flowers, and desiccated corn signify the fragility of existence, while portals, crushed beer cans, and cacti complicate the references to beauty and luxury that have long been staples of the artist’s visual lexicon. 

The exhibition is on view through May 26 at Shulamit Nazarian Gallery 616 N La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles. photographs by
Lani Trock

"Shapeshifters" Group Show Curated by Tim Goossens @ Shulamit Nazarian Gallery in Los Angeles

Curated by Tim Goossens, Shapeshifters is an intergenerational exhibition that features the work of artists, activists, and musicians who use alter egos as tools for change and survival. The artists included in this exhibition have created personas in their visual or performative practices in order to discuss feminism and the making of difference beyond anthropocentric or gender politics. Shapeshifters focuses on contemporary production alongside a selection of influential historical works. Shapeshifters will be on view until July 29, 2016 at Shulamit Nazarian Gallery in Los Angeles.