Watch The Trailer For Danny Sangra's New Film Goldbricks In Bloom On The Occasion Of The Film's Los Angeles Premiere

Goldbricks In Bloom, a new film by Danny Sangra, is a social satire that explores what it means to be an artist today by interweaving the story of a self-obsessed group of disenchanted young creatives with the mythic rise and fall of a New York painter. It stars Zosia Mamet, Jake Hoffman, Leo Fitzpatrick, Waris Ahluwalia and more. Today, the film is available on demand and there will be limited screenings in Los Angeles.

Never Before Seen Photographs From The Set of Asthma on The Occasion of The Late Rene Ricard’s 70th Birthday

Rene was quite proud to have been cast as a dope dealer in Jake Hoffman’s film “Asthma." The moment he got the script he had plenty of ideas on how to tweak the language to turn his character even more real. This was a world he knew only too well. As far as outfits go, he had already thought it all out, so when the stylists came to the apartment he pulled out a gold embroidered cashmere jacket, mixed it with his usual black jeans, a little Hermes neck scarf, a black t-shirt and wore what he called his money shoes: loafers with big gold embroidered dollar signs. It was perfect. He knew how to look fabulous with just a few things. It was agreed on the spot that he had nailed it. The only thing missing was the bling. "A dope dealer has to have bling," he said., so he went about gathering as much bling as he could. The flashy look was important. "Did you ever see a proper dealer without bling?” he insisted. On the day of the shoot he called me a number of times, "You have to come down to the set. It’s so much fun, such nice people." When I got there, a loft in SoHo, Rene was having such a ball, flashing his jewels, showing the white convertible Rolls Royce with red leather seats parked on the sidewalk, telling funny stories and making the actors and crew laugh. And then there were the toy guns, which of course he had to play with, so Jake got to be "arrested" by Rene. Text and photographs by Rita Barros. Rene Ricard was an art critic, poet, artist and legend in New York. He wrote the first major article on Jean-Michel Basquiat, entitled "The Radiant Child." Shortly before his passing in 2014, Ricard played an extravagantly over-the-top drug dealer named Juan in Jake Hoffman's directorial debut Asthma, which is available to watch on Netflix and Amazon. This Saturday, July 23, 2016 would have been Ricard's 70th birthday. 

Jake Hoffman At the Los Angeles Premier of His First Film Asthma At Sundance Sunset Cinema with Cinematographer David J. Myrick

Jake Hoffman and cinematographer David J. Myrick outside of the Sundance Sunset Cinema after the Los Angeles premier of Asthma, Hoffman's first film. Read our review and interview with the film's star Benedict Samuel here. photograph by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

The Kid Stays In the Picture: Read Our Convo With The Illuminating Star Of Jake Hoffman's First Film, Asthma, Which Premiers Today In New York City

In the following interview, Autre has a casual conversation with Benedict Samuel – star of Jake Hoffman's first film Asthma – over the phone while on his way to a cemetery in Australia to have his portraits taken for this feature. We talk about the weather, his acting style, how he prepares for an intense role like that of Gus, working with Iggy Pop, and why redemption and hope are precious things in which to hold on. Click here to read the interview and see our amazing exclusive editorial featuring photographs by Elvis Di Fazio shot in a cemetery in Sydney, Australia. 

The Mirror Cube Launch of "The Vision Series" in Hollywood

The Mirror Cube, a site that offers a curation of events by artists, celebrates the launch of The Vision Series, a monthly get-together that features original video collaborations between artists hosted by The Mirror Cube. The premiere party featured screenings of films by Natalie Neal & Soko, Rodrigo Amarante, and Amanda Charchian. There was also live music by Rodrigo Amarante, Kaneholler, and a DJ set by Kilo Kesh. photographs by Sandy Kim

Brady Corbet, Waris Ahluwalia, and Guy Aroch Tell Us What To See at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn, from our Friends at The Mirror Cube

The Mirror Cube is a new happenings site that features events recommended by artists that range from photographers to painters to filmmakers, all in support of promoting a community of art-centric conversation. Here, three of their artists share with Autre the acts they're looking forward to at this year's Northside Festival in Brooklyn, which kicks off today: Photographer Guy Aroch endorses Lower Dens with TEEN at The Music Hall of Williamsburg on June 11.  The Baltimore-based indie pop band Lower Dens is touring in support of their new album, Escape From Evil, and they'll be joined by Brooklyn alt-rockers TEEN. Actor Brady Corbet endorses The Very Best with Heems at McCarren Park on June 12.  The Afro-Western duo of London DJ/producer Radioclit and Malawi singer Esau Mwamwaya, who perform under the name The Very Best, will be joined by Queens-based rapper Himanshu Suri--aka Heems. Jewelry Designer and Actor Waris Ahluwalia endorses Blonde Redhead at Warsaw on June 13.  The alt-rock trio of Kazu Makino and twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace will play a show at the pop-up music club at the Polish National Home in Greenpoint. For more happenings recommended by artists, visit The Mirror Cube