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Here Are Six Fascinating Things We Learned About Artist Justin Adian

Artist Justin Adian titled his recently closed show at Skarstedt Gallery ‘Fort Worth’ after his hometown. The show features Adian’s bold organic paintings created by stretching oil enamel-painted canvases around foam cushions then mounted on wood. Some people would argue that Adian’s work is abstract, and they’d be right most of the time. But Adian also engages in pop culture iconography; one painting references Raymond Pettibon’s infamous Black Flag logo. Adian doesn’t so much mash-up high and low as he does reject high-low as a concept. Good art is good art. Click here to read six things we learned about Adian during his talk at Skarstedt Gallery. 

Rascal House @ Half Gallery

Half Gallery presents Rascal Housea collaborative project conceived by and including Blair Thurman along with John Armleder, Justin Adian, and Stéphane Kropf. The exhibition is the result of a strange confluence of memory, sensory perception, and association (both free and mediated): a 3-D painting installation-cum-diner booth born of historical, personal, aesthetic and ulterior connections.  Rascal House will be on view until February 4, 2015 at Half Gallery, 43 East 78th Street, New York. photographs by Paige Silveria