Rene Ricard "So, Who Left Who?" @ Half Gallery In New York

Rene Ricard, "So, Who Left Who," will be on view until April 26, 2017 at Half Gallery in New York. photographs by Adam Lehrer

Jay Miriam "Catch The Heavenly Bodies" @ Half Gallery In New York

Jay Miriam's first solo show in New York, Catch the Heavenly Bodies, brings the viewer into a land of painting limbo. At first each figure shares its secret past only with Miriam, eventually breaching the imaginative and entering into the physical world. A Rorschach inquisition begins to take shape while lines stretch and recompose. Limbs grow from arms to legs; faces turn from holy to siren. Jay Miriam "Catch The Heavenly Bodies" will be on view until July 27, 2016 at Half Gallery in New York. photographs by Adam Lehrer

Here Are Six Fascinating Things We Learned About Artist Justin Adian

Artist Justin Adian titled his recently closed show at Skarstedt Gallery ‘Fort Worth’ after his hometown. The show features Adian’s bold organic paintings created by stretching oil enamel-painted canvases around foam cushions then mounted on wood. Some people would argue that Adian’s work is abstract, and they’d be right most of the time. But Adian also engages in pop culture iconography; one painting references Raymond Pettibon’s infamous Black Flag logo. Adian doesn’t so much mash-up high and low as he does reject high-low as a concept. Good art is good art. Click here to read six things we learned about Adian during his talk at Skarstedt Gallery. 

"Take It Easy" Is Georgian Artist Tamuna Sirbiladze's First Solo Show In The United States @ Half Gallery In New York

"Take It Easy" is Georgian artist Tamuna Sirbiladze's first solo show in the United States. A new set of unstretched banners teetering between the figurative and the gestural include oil stick pigeons, elongated noses and Matisse vases. These vibrant works hang over jungle-green walls mirroring the murals of Balthus at the Villa Medici in Rome. Earlier this year, Tamuna presented larger oil stick paintings from this same series in a group show at Secession in Vienna, curated by Ugo Rondinone. Tamuna is based in Vienna and was married to the late Austrian artist Franz West. Take It Easy will be on view until September 3, 2015 at Half Gallery in New York. photographs by Adam Lehrer