Watch PAISA: A New Short Film That Celebrates The Beauty Of Queer Brown Sensuality

Inspired by artist Dorian Wood's song of the same name, PAISA is an immersive fever dream that celebrates the beauty of queer brown sensuality, body positivity and individuality. Says Dorian: "We have been marginalized and painted into tight corners for far too long. But even in our darkest times, we make room to celebrate ourselves and others within our communities. With PAISA, I wanted to create a permanent reminder for us queer, trans and non-binary folks of color that our beauty stretches within and far beyond our times, in either direction. We embrace individuality and respect, even when the rest of the world struggles with these 'radical' concepts. We exist and we don't need for the rest of the world to get wise to our existence. We are sensual beings, in all forms and flavors. Even the sexual moments we share with those on the 'downlow', we find love and positivity there, and we acknowledge the fact that these secretive moments are taboo because of an oppressive morality that has decimated humans for decades. Sex positivity grounded in mindfulness and consent. We are wiser than this world gives us credit for. We are powerful and plentiful. We are forever."