Adel Abdessemed "From Here to Eternity" @ Venus Over Los Angeles

Venus Over Los Angeles presents From Here to Eternity, an exhibition of new work by Adel Abdessemed. The exhibition is his first major show in Los Angeles and features a series of nearly 100 black stone drawings on paper and military tarpaulin. Adel Abdessemed’s new series is named for the famous 1953 film best known for the scene in which Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr kiss passionately on the beach as waves crash over them. As a child in Algeria, Abdessemed viewed such western films under the edit and strict censorship of the Algerian government, who cut out any scene that portrayed physical contact between the sexes. Abdessemed is known for embracing themes of history, religion, and politics in his artworks. Though perhaps best known for his video, sculptural, and conceptual art, Abdessemed has chosen to distinguish his Los Angeles debut show by exclusively exhibiting drawings on paper and military tarpaulin. From Here to Eternity will be on view until December 20th, 2015 at Venus Over Los Angeles, 601 South Anderson Street, Los Angeles, CA