Artists Reimagine the Work of Le Cobusier @ Maison La Roche

Heidi Wood "You Win Some, You Lose Some, part of the series Serving Suggestion"

Fascinated by modernist ideals and the creativity under­pinning them, a great many artists in the past two decades have notably looked to architecture and design as particular sources of inspiration. Through techniques of re-use, quotation, and imitation, they have invoked leading twentieth-century designers and architects, Le Corbusier foremost among them. Organized upon the fiftieth anniversary of Le Corbusier's death, the Re-Corbusier show will feature some sixteen artworks from the 1990s to the présent-paintings, sculptures, installations-that explicitly allude to Le Corbusier's oeuvre. Re-Corbusier will be on view until July 16 2015 at the Maison La Roche.