Lorraine Nicholson's Tribeca-Nominated Life Boat Is Now Available Online

A group of students are brought together to play a real-life game called “Life Boat.” After the customary “get to know each other” exercise, their counselor Mr. Drexler (Stephen Dorff) poses a difficult question: if this classroom were a sinking ship, who in the group deserves to be saved?

Mr. Drexler’s tactics are far from textbook, which immediately becomes clear to our protagonist, Elsa (Elizabeth Gilpin). Mr. Drexler, a survivor of a similar program, gets caught up in the emotions of his exercise. As the game and stakes heighten, he successfully demonstrates his apathetic students’ real desire to save their lives. But at what cost? 


Opening Of Torbjørn Rødland's Backlit Rainbow @ David Kordansky Gallery In Los Angeles

Backlit Rainbow marks Torbjørn Rødland's first solo exhibition with David Kordansky Gallery. The exhibition features an installation of new medium- and large-scale color photographs, as well as the U.S. debut of Between Fork and Ladder, the artist’s first moving-image work in more than a decade.

Over the last twenty years, the Norwegian-born, Los Angeles-based photographer has produced a body of work remarkable for its cultural reach, its awareness of photographic history and technique, and its ability to press up against psychological, moral, and philosophical boundaries. Rødland’s images pointedly address their viewers and evoke a wide range of contradictory emotional and intellectual states. Curiosity, humor, pathos, criticality, artifice, reverence for the natural world, and romanticism appear throughout his work and often in the same photograph.

Autre is also pleased to announce that Rødland's work is featured on the cover of our spring 2018 issue, featuring a double interview of the photographer by both legendary art critic and Serpentine Galleries' director, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Autre editor, Oliver Maxwell Kupper. Click here to order your copy while supplies last! Backlit Rainbow will be on view through July 7, 2018 at David Kordansky Gallery 5130 W. Edgewood Place Los Angeles. photographs by Oliver Kupper

Read Our Interview With Christian Coppola On The Value Of Short Cinema

CCOP chateau-07963.jpg

Christian Coppola is an LA-based filmmaker and photographer with a few short films already under his belt. Informed by an early fascination with The Wizard of Oz, Coppola’s personal style incorporates dreamy colors and the ever-present dichotomy between home and away. His short film debut, Heartbreak Hotel and his upcoming short, Daddy, explore the complicated nature of hotels, and the opportunities offered by the short film genre. Fixated on the process of creating his personal style, Coppola’s own viewing process is predicated on the question, “could anyone else have made this?” We had a chance to catch up with the burgeoning filmmaker and discuss his upcoming film, development as an artist, and his desire to create a universe through film. Click here to read more.

A Special Screening of Becky Johnston's 1979 Featurette Sleepless Nights With Maripol @ MoMA

New Cinema cofounder (and Hollywood screenwriter) Becky Johnston recently described her little-seen featurette Sleepless Nights as “an East Village reinvention of the Otto Preminger movie Laura” that plays “fast and loose with the noir detective genre.” The film was screened at MoMA along with a short discussion between Johnston and Maripol on the making of the film and it's lasting cultural almost 40 years later. photographs by Annabel Graham

Watch "Spend Time, Pay Attention" A New Film By Julian Feeld Born Out Of Rage, Frustration and Powerlessness

Spend Time, Pay Attention is a new film by artist and filmmaker Julian Feeld, shot on 16mm film. Feeld describes the film with cynical nihilism, "Shot a few years ago, this video only really went through the puberty of writing and editing when the monstrous face of The Abuser rose, reddening above the oozing body of our planet. Rage, frustration, sadness, powerlessness — all the feelings in the last month went into this exploration of BEING A MAN and PAYING IN COLD HARD POWER at the cash register of life. I hope people misinterpret this video as much as I do. I hope people turn it off and look at themselves and ask themselves what they've become, like I do. I hope someone co-opts it and makes it into a line of t-shirts and sells it back to me, the oppressor. Remember, your eyeballs actually belong to me while you watch it. And you know what they say about eyeballs: they're the gelatinous, fragile windows to the soul."

Ballet Parking: Watch A Mesmerizing Dance Film Set In A Parking Lot At Night by Nacho Alvarez

The movie "Faraway, So Close!” tells the story of an angel who comes to earth to live as a human. What is heavenly, imprecise and volatile descends to fully stamp against the earthly, the concrete. These two worlds, distant and contradictory are bound by a new atmosphere that allows movement, pulse, life. What it far is close. Ballet Parking is directed by Nacho Alvarez, with a performance by Vicente Etcheverry. Shot in Montevideo, Uruguay

Watch The Premiere Of Yulia Zinshtein's Sardonic New Short Film "Girls Going Wild" Shot In Miami During Art Basel

Girls Going Wild is a short film directed by Yulia Zinshtein in Miami during Art Basel. For those of us that grew up on early reality TV - shows like The Real World and Road Rules, which were usually punctuated by late-night infomercials for Girls Gone Wild – this portrait of young adults looking for the ultimate party in Miami is at once familiar, but all too honest and a sad and strange reflection of our times. Zinshtein says, "Girls Going Wild is about searching for the best party. This video aims to show how awkward that search can be...and that the very process becomes the best party you could ever find." Click here to read our short interview with Yulia Zinshtein.

First Look: See Gregg Araki's Short Film For Kenzo's Fall 2015 Collections

Kenzo creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have tapped American independent filmmaker Gregg Araki, one of the leading lights of the New Queer Cinema movement, to write and direct an original short film featuring the brand’s fall collections for men and women. “Here Now” features a cast of young actors including “Glee” alum Jacob Artist, “Suburgatory” star Jane Levy, Grace Victoria Cox, Jake Weary and Canadian actor and singer Avan Jogia. The film also stars Nicole Laliberte, who appeared in Araki’s 2010 film “Kaboom.”