"True Love Over Physics" Inaugural Group Show @ COMA Gallery In Sydney

The inaugural exhibition in the gallery, COMA presents ‘True Love Over Physics’, a group show exploring the nature of creation in its many forms and the idea of creation before and over anything else. Each artwork in the show approaches the theme individually, and together they present a uniform vision of varying patterns of creation and corresponding thought processes. Artists included in ‘True Love Over Physics’ are Cornelia Baltes, Gabriele Beveridge, Ophelia Finke, Brian Kokoska, Ebecho Muslimova, Oliver Osborne, Jon Pilkington, Yves Scherer, Colin Snapp and Chris Succo. True Love Over Physics will be on view until November 28, 2016 at COMA Gallery in Sydney, Australia. photographs by Darren Luk

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Kenzo X H&M Collaboration VIP Launch Party At The Trust Building In Sydney

The Trust Building in Sydney’s Central Business District was transformed into a jungle playground last night for the Australian launch of H&M’s latest designer collaboration with Parisian fashion house Kenzo. The collaboration officially launches today worldwide. Click here to shop. photographs by Darren Luk