Lorraine Nicholson's Tribeca-Nominated Life Boat Is Now Available Online

A group of students are brought together to play a real-life game called “Life Boat.” After the customary “get to know each other” exercise, their counselor Mr. Drexler (Stephen Dorff) poses a difficult question: if this classroom were a sinking ship, who in the group deserves to be saved?

Mr. Drexler’s tactics are far from textbook, which immediately becomes clear to our protagonist, Elsa (Elizabeth Gilpin). Mr. Drexler, a survivor of a similar program, gets caught up in the emotions of his exercise. As the game and stakes heighten, he successfully demonstrates his apathetic students’ real desire to save their lives. But at what cost? 


Walead Beshty Presents Equivalents @ Regen Projects

Photographs, sculptures, and collages populate the expansive space at Regen Projects, incorporating the traces of bodies, circulation, and labor within the surface of the artwork. In this highly charged, pithy and multi-dimensional body of work created roughly over the course of a year, Beshty drills through computers, a television, and an oversized, outdated printer. He slices flat screen televisions in half lengthwise and displays these brutalized devices with their power still connected to the electrical grid, leaving them in a desperate anthropomorphized state of survival - endlessly powering on and off again, their inner machinations on full display. Copper plates made from the artist's own pharmaceutical receipts and x-rays of the artist's own knee document the expected outcomes of his prescribed medications and are left to oxidize slowly over time. Positive and negative transparency film is left exposed in Beshty's checked baggage, the resulting works made during idol modes in transit. The dualities are endless; layered ad infinitum. Equivalents opens tonight and will be on view through April 7 at Regen Projects 6750 Santa Monica Boulevard. photographs by Summer Bowie

"Fall Out Shelter" Maya Jeffereis Gives An Artist Talk and Facilitates Hypothetical Dooms-Day Scenarios at Overnight Projects In Burlington, Vermont

New York based Maya Jeffereis invites participants to engage in a conversation about politics of identity and morality by participating in a military training exercise. The exercise is taken from a US military training document to test officers’ values and decision-making processes. In a hypothetical end of the world scenario, ten people of diverse backgrounds occupy a fall-out shelter. However, the shelter can guarantee survival for only six people. Participants must decide which four are to be excluded from the group in order that the remaining six may live to rebuild society. In this exercise, participants must argue in favor of and against each of the occupants until the group reaches a full consensus. "Fall Out Shelter" will be held at Overnight Projects on January 16, 2016 in Burlington, Vermont.