Group Show 'TRANS WORLD' Opens at @ Nicodim Gallery In Los Angeles

According to multiverse theory, every decision a person makes causes a split in the universe, wherein an alternate version of one’s self continues to exist in an alternate universe, living with the consequences of an alternate decision. There are an infinite number of variations of ourselves existing throughout time and space, having made an infinite number of differing decisions. BUT WHAT IF AN INDIVIDUAL IS ABLE TO OCCUPY MULTIPLE UNIVERSES SIMULTANEOUSLY? Trans World is on view through August 10 at Nicodim Gallery 571 S Anderson Street Ste 2, Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

How Many Virgins? Summer Sacrifice @ The Ace Hotel In Los Angeles

How Many Virgins? presented their Second Summer sacrifice, an intimate evening of visual, aural, and sensual stimulation, at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. Featuring A Post-Mentalpausal Mid-Career Survey by Amy Von Harrington & Mel Shimkovitz: short films spanning ten years of new age-old epiphanies and co-defendant disfunction. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper