Group Show 'TRANS WORLD' Opens at @ Nicodim Gallery In Los Angeles

According to multiverse theory, every decision a person makes causes a split in the universe, wherein an alternate version of one’s self continues to exist in an alternate universe, living with the consequences of an alternate decision. There are an infinite number of variations of ourselves existing throughout time and space, having made an infinite number of differing decisions. BUT WHAT IF AN INDIVIDUAL IS ABLE TO OCCUPY MULTIPLE UNIVERSES SIMULTANEOUSLY? Trans World is on view through August 10 at Nicodim Gallery 571 S Anderson Street Ste 2, Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

Stephen Neidich "Making the rounds (a place to wait)" @ Wilding Cran Gallery In Los Angeles

Making the rounds (a place to wait) is a new installation by Stephen Neidich is on view now at Wilding Cran gallery in Los Angeles. Comprised of long metal chains attached to mechanized camshafts that generate a circular rotation across blocks of urbanite, the resulting sculpture produces a mechanical melody that echoes throughout the gallery. This creates a contradiction of theory and practice – industrial forms rarely induce feelings of serenity, yet there is something hypnotic and oddly calming about the rhythm of metal hitting concrete. Neidich has repurposed but not totally decommissioned these moving parts. He does not attempt to fully disguise their recognizable forms but instead alludes to the performative nature of machines, focusing on their aesthetic qualities. On view through July 27 at Wilding Cran Gallery 939 South Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

Group Show 'The Shape Of Content' @ Ochi Projects In Los Angeles

The Shape of Content is an exhibition of works by Thomas Linder, Erica Mahinay and Andrea Welton. By definition, form is the essential nature of a thing as distinguished from its matter. In his book from which this exhibition takes its title, Ben Shahn expanded on this definition by writing that “form is the shape of content” and argues that form cannot exist without content. The Shape of Content contextualizes three artists, who each use distinct materials, in their exploration of relating content—experience, memory and idea, to form—gesture, color and material.The Shape of Content is on view through July 13 at Ochi Projects 3301 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

"Of Survival, Celebration, and Unlimited Semiosis" Group Show @ Freedman Fitzpatrick In Los Angeles

Of Survival, Celebration, and Unlimited Semiosis is a group show featuring works from Dachi Cole, Tommy, Hartung, Alima Lee, Kyp Malone, Diamond Stingily.

… those who fail to reread are obliged to read the same story everywhere … [Barthes]

What does this paradoxical statement imply? First, it implies that a single reading is composed of the already-read, that what we can see in a text the first time is already in us, not in it; in us insofar as we ourselves are a stereotype, an already-read text; and in the text only to the extent that the already read is that aspect of a text that it must have in common with its reader in order for it to be readable at all. When we read a text once, in other words, we can see in it only what we have already learned to see before.
– Barbara Johnson, The Critical Difference

from “Of Survival, Celebration, and Unlimited Semiosis,” Neveryóna, Samuel Delaney

Of Survival, Celebration, and Unlimited Semiosis is on view through July 6 at Freedman Fitzpatrick 6051 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

Cassi Namoda Presents The Day a Monkey is Destined to Die All Trees Become Slippery @ Ghebaly In Los Angeles

The Day a Monkey is Destined to Die All Trees Become Slippery is Cassi Namoda’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles and explores the mythologies and proverbs of daily life in East Africa from the perspective of a vibrant young storyteller. The Day a Monkey is Destined to Die All Trees Become Slippery is on view through April 18 at Ghebaly gallery 2245 E. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

Kacie Lees Presents Necessary Phenomenon @ O’ Project Space In Los Angeles

Kacie Lees is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY who uses video, neon, sculpture & installation as tools to explore theories of the void and source pathways to underdeveloped senses. Her practice builds on the experimental legacy of new media with an expansion towards fluid notions of space. Necessary Phenomenon will be on view through April 14 at O’ Project Space 2618 Pasadena Avenue, Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

Maceo Paisley Launches New Book 'Tao Of Maceo' @ NAVEL In Los Angeles

On March 14, Maceo Paisley officially released his book, Tao of Maceo at NAVEL. The book launch was accompanied by a performance with dancer, Brianna Mims and a screening of Paisley’s short film, DYNAMITE, as well as a short Q&A with Maceo & our managing editor, Summer Bowie. photographs by Lani Trock

Autre Hosts A Mezcal Bruncheon Celebrating Issue Six And LA Eyeworks' New Collection Part II

On Sunday, October 14, Autre magazine hosted a mezcal bruncheon to celebrate our Fall/Winter 2018 issue and LA Eyeworks’ new collection at their iconic Neil Denari-designed flagship on Beverly Boulevard. Madre Mezcal provided cocktails and Tacos la Restirada provided brunch. Avant-garde percussionist and director of Monday Evening Concerts, Jonathan Hepfer, performed Iannis Xenakis 1975 composition, “Psappha.” photographs by Lani Trock

Tyler Matthew Oyer Launches “Calling All Divas” Print Edition @ Oof Books

OOF Books hosts the launch of Tyler Matthew Oyer's CALLING ALL DIVAS print edition. An installation in the bookstore was accompanied by a reading and screening event on Friday, August 10. The poems are reflections on / conversations with queer, femme, HIV+ radical inspiring individuals. This edition is made up of poems for Kembra Pfahler, Ron Athey, James Baldwin, Paul Thek, Grace Jones + Keith Haring, Jack Smith, Charles Ludlam, and David Wojnarowicz. These works dance with themes of legacy, inheritance, fandom, idol worship, archiving and tenderness. photographs by Lani Trock

"Separation" Group Show @ Tin Flats In Los Angeles

Separation is a group show fueled by the trauma unfolding at our borders. AVA has invited artists to respond to the border crisis and examines different ways separation has existed as a political strategy in American history. "Separation" is on view through August 26th at Tin Flats 1989 Blake Avenue, Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

Group Show “How They Ran” @ Over The Influence

Taking the name from the second chapter of Germaine Greer’s landmark text “The Obstacle Race” from 1979, “How They Ran” brings together a selected group of LA-based artists whose diverse practices represent the heartbeat of the Los Angeles art scene today. Greer’s book presented an art historical account of artists who are missing from academic literature and how they overcame historical obstacles to achieve notoriety anyway. Through this lens, Over the Influence will present a group exhibition of LA-based artists from different backgrounds, practices, and generations. "How They Ran" is on view through September 5th at Over The Influence 833 East 3rd Street Los Angelesphotographs by Lani Trock

No)one. Art House Performs Sky Echo @ The Getty Center

Choreographed by Samantha Blake Goodman, Sky Echo is a psalm whispered to the universe, drifting the dancers in and out of the museum’s fountains. It is a trio performed by Bianca Medina, Chris Emile, and Sasha Rivero. The dancers move in costumes provided by New York-based designer Mara Hoffman to live musical accompaniment by vocalists AKUA and Anthony Calonico. This transcendent performance sways audiences and softly carries viewers to a place of bliss. photographs by Lani Trock

Environment[al]: Curated By Herwig Baumgartner & Marcelyn Gow @ SCI-Arc Gallery

Environment[al] is a public exhibition examining contemporary attitudes toward environment in a post-digital context. The capacity of constructed natures to produce admixtures of the natural and the synthetic is a focus. The changing character of environment in the context of technological innovation is considered through the projects in the exhibition. Taking into account recent approaches to our understanding of environment and contemporary modes of ecological awareness, the exhibition considers the possibility of environments where qualities are fused with objects not normally associated with them. Sites, objects, and spaces become estranged to engender multiple authenticities and produce a fusion between architectural form and forms germane to constructed natures. A multivalent implementation of environment, one that involves an agile negotiation with the changing character of the ecological in the context of technological change begins  to surface, these environments produce invigorated forms of tangible architectural presence and performance. Environment[al] is on view through August 26 at SCI-Arc Gallery 960 East 3rd Street Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

Catalina Ouyang's Death Drive Joy Ride @ Make Room

Death Drive Joy Ride is Catalina Ouyang’ s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. The exhibition features a new body of sculpture, installation and video. Taking East Asian fox spirits as a departure point, the work positions mythic desires for immortality alongside a contemporary endeavor to find joy and community amid a seemingly inexorable drive toward planetary destruction. Death Drive Joy Ride speaks (or wails) honestly from the positionality of its maker: a lonely Chinese-American girl clawing her way through our Wicked Problems. Death Drive Joy Ride is on view through August 8 at Make Room 1035 North Broadway Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

Debut Performance Of Maceo Paisley's Untangling Manhood @ PAM

On May 25, 2018 PAM hosted the debut performance of Untangling Manhood, Maceo Paisley investigates gender through embodied inquiry, juxtaposing identity and social constructs. Using movement, language, and audience interaction, Paisley guides us through a narrative that goes beyond making art, inviting audiences to confront themselves in the process. photographs by Lani Trock

Opening Of 'Water & Power' Curated By Noah Davis @ The Underground Museum

Noah Davis’ fourth exhibition curated from MOCA’s permanent collection features four seminal artworks by Olafur Eliasson, Hans Haacke, James Turrell and Fred Eversley that use natural phenomena as sculptural material, along with a poem installation by LA’s Poet Laureate, Robin Coste Lewis. The show is a meditation. Water. Flow. Woman. Moon. Aqueducts. Flint. Light. Climate. “Seeing yourself seeing”. Power. Water & Power is on view at the Underground Museum 3508 W. Washington Boulevard Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

Maria Maea's Installation And Performance @ Coaxial Arts

In residency with Coaxial, Maria Maea creates an environmental sound installation that explores coming into consciousness as an artist and her daily practice of getting out of her own way. Altering the mundane as sacred she constructs her personal mythology – out loud. 'When I Came To' is on view since May 5th at Coaxial Arts Foundation 1815 S Main St. Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

'Abraham & Sons, Inc.' By Steve Hash And Stephen Neidich @ HILDE

Abraham & Sons, Inc. is LA’s leading commercial exhibition by Steve Hash and Stephen Neidich. Hash & Neidich use only top notch materials combined with top notch craftsmanship to ensure a lasting artwork for the client to enjoy for years and years. It is a fact that nothing can take the place of artwork created in a timely manner. The end result always being a great relationship with art history, lasting decades or even centuries to come. Abraham & Sons, Inc. is on view through June 16 at Hilde 4727 W. Washington Blvd Los Angeles. photographs by Lani Trock

Mindy Shapero's Aesthetics of Accumulation in "Second Sleep" @ The Pit

Mindy Shapero’s anthropomorphic sculptures are like figures emerging from such night visions. Imagined though also strangely familiar, her large-scale works are totemic, suggesting archeological ruins or manifestations of Jungian archetypes. Made with humble materials like spray paint and bits of hand-painted cut paper alongside more opulent materials like richly pigmented felt and gold leaf, it is Shapero’s aesthetics of relentless accumulation that give her works their energy, as hundreds upon thousands of tiny bits grow into human and architecturally scaled objects. Portals and radiating forms, concentric rings and infinite stripes, a hypnagogic hallucination of shapes and colors beckon us into what might be the artist’s dreaming mind turned inside out in a flash of infinity. Second Sleep is on view through June 10 at The Pit 918 Ruberta Avenue, Glendale. photographs by Lani Trock

Laurie Nye Envisions Multiple Realities in "Venusian Weather" @ The Pit

In Venusian Weather, Nye explores humanity’s struggle to control its relationship with nature via the Andromedans’ perception of environmental disaster on Earth. As a student of mythology and science fiction alike, Nye looks both backward and forward, challenging the notion of linear time in the centerpiece of Venusian Weather, an architecturally-scaled, cosmographical frieze that describes what is and what has been at stake on Earth through the Andromedan gaze. Inspired by Mark von Schlegell’s 2005 novel Venusia, Nye portrays the world as a hologram, represented in her paintings as gridded non-spaces that recall Star Trek’s holodeck virtual reality environments. The grids mingle with and interrupt depictions of transformation and flux amid multiple realities. Nye’s brightly hued, eloquently painted compositions conflate the chaos of present-day Earth with dreams of a radiant future on Venusia in a hopeful vision of love, peace, and environmental harmony. Venusian Weather is on view through June 10 at The Pit 918 Ruberta Ave, Glendale. photographs by Lani Trock