Rachel Comey's Pre-Spring 2019 Runway Show @ The Old Bullocks Wilshire Department Store In Los Angeles

In Rachel Comey's daring new pre-spring collection vivid colors, along with delicate, varying textures and proportions abound as she responds to the current moment. A moment emboldened by an undercurrent of resistance and irreverence towards dominant structures long overdue for upheaval. Setting the stage of her runway show at the old Bullocks Wilshire department store where Helen Gurley Brown used to be a secretary and Angela Lansbury was a salesclerk, she takes inspiration from the space by embellishing materials and decorating the silhouettes themselves - layering tulle belts over zebra denim or colorblocked wool trousers. Hand cut and dyed flowers dangle from the ear, sit at the neck or frame the face. A zebra jacquard is used for volume on top and to finish the look in a purposeful wedge sandal. In the spirit of Katherine Hepburn who used to shop here for shoes in the men's department, she has proposed new tuxedos and other alternative ideas for event dressing. Fringe and rhinestone decorate the legs and feathers are used in one gesture at the neck or from the ear, while in other moments the body is stripes.

Read Our Interview With Iconic Fashion Designer and Artist Christophe Coppens On Leaving The Fashion World Behind For Art

One might expect someone with the credentials of Christophe Coppens – internationally acclaimed avant garde fashion designer, official milliner for the Belgian Royal Family, former theatre actor and director, burgeoning artist – to be radically unapproachable. Instead, Coppens shakes your hand warmly, orders iced tea at an outdoor café, talks about his love for cheap avocado toast and the 20s style bungalows in Silverlake. Perhaps this is why Coppens jumped the brutal, fast-paced, capitalist boat of the fashion industry circuit five years ago, abandoning his label to pursue art. Click here to read more. 

Private Unveiling of The Album Art For Rihanna's Eighth Studio Album @ MAMA Gallery In Los Angeles

Rihanna celebrated the unveiling of her album art, by Israeli-born New York based artist Roy Nachum, at a private gathering held at MAMA gallery in Los Angeles. The album name, Anti, was also revealed, but there is no set date for the record release.  photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

Duane Hanson's Hyperrealistic Sculptures Are On View Now At the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London

The Serpentine presents the work of late American sculptor Duane Hanson in his first survey show in London since 1997. Throughout his forty-year career, Hanson created lifelike sculptures portraying working-class Americans and overlooked members of society. Reminiscent of the Pop Art movement of the time, his sculptures transform the banalities and trivialities of everyday life into iconographic material. The exhibition will be on view until September 13, 2015 at Serpentine Sackler Gallery.