Jordan Sullivan "The Divine Nothing" @ MAMA Gallery In Los Angeles

The Divine Nothing is an exhibition of new photographs, paintings, and sound collages by Los Angeles-based artist Jordan Sullivan. The first room of the exhibition is composed of photographic works from two recent series - After The Funeral and Death Valley. These ethereal images of mountains, light reflections after a flash flood, and double and triple exposures of wildflowers shot through painted transparencies in the hours after a funeral ceremony for Sullivan's grandmother, at times feel more like portraits than landscapes, reflections of an inner life, meditations on color, time, love, and loss. Jordan Sullivan "The Divine Nothing" will be on view until January 21, 2017 @ MAMA Gallery in Los Angeles. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

Ren Hang "What We Do Is Secret" @ MAMA Gallery In Los Angeles

Perhaps inadvertently, Ren Hang’s subject matter and seemingly simple technique have transcendent ramifications. His subjects project an irreverence that directly disrupts the restrictive realm of heteronormativity and presents alternate sexual and aesthetic realities. The title of Hang’s exhibition, What We Do Is Secret, references the music of punk band the Germs, which aligns with the provocative spirit of the artist’s images. Antagonism abounds in Hang’s work with a counterculture-fueled rebellion lying at its core. Ren Hang "What We Do Is Secret"  will be on view at MAMA Gallery until July 23, 2016. 

Pulverizing Rabbits: Read Our Interview With Artist Ariana Papademetropoulos Before Her Solo Show Opening This Weekend In Los Angeles

After her solo show opening this weekend at MAMA gallery in Los Angeles, artist Ariana Papademetropoulos might make a film about killer mushrooms that murder young punk kids. This should give you an idea of her creativity – it's a boundless creativity that bursts with schizophrenic, hallucinatory imaginativeness. Her paintings literally split at the imaginary seams, tearing into new images – half hidden sadomasochistic scenes are obscured by foggy veils, and midcentury living rooms peel into wood paneled dens where shadows portend dark and dangerous things. Click here to read the full interview. 

Listen to Lana Del Rey's Heartbreaking Rendition of Daniel Johnston's 'Some Things Last A Long Time'

Last week, Autre got a chance to checkout Gabriel Sunday's moving short film, Hi, How Are You? at MAMA Gallery in Los Angeles that stars Daniel Johnston as an artist coming to terms with his dreams of yesteryear. The short film will be premiering tomorrow and can be preordered here. Below, listen to Lana Del Rey's cover of Some Things Last A Long Time, which is featured in the credits of the film. photograph by Terry Richardson

Daniel Johnston In Los Angeles For "Hi, How Are You" Art Opening @ MAMA Gallery

MAMA gallery presents "Hi, How Are You?," an immersive exhibition exploring the art, music and mind of prolific cult singer-songwriter-artist, Daniel Johnston. The November 7, 2015 opening reception will feature the world premiere of the short film, Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston, directed by Gabriel Sunday and starring Daniel Johnston. Hi, How Are You is an exhibition about Daniel’s past and present. "Through creative visions of madness and hope, we witness an aging musician coming to terms with the dreams of yesteryear." This unique exhibition of Daniel Johnston works explores his past and present art, exposing his heartrending tales of unrequited love, cosmic mishaps, and existential torment. Daniel Johnson: Hi, How Are You? will be on view from November 7 to November 11, 2015 at MAMA Gallery, In Los Angeles

Private Unveiling of The Album Art For Rihanna's Eighth Studio Album @ MAMA Gallery In Los Angeles

Rihanna celebrated the unveiling of her album art, by Israeli-born New York based artist Roy Nachum, at a private gathering held at MAMA gallery in Los Angeles. The album name, Anti, was also revealed, but there is no set date for the record release.  photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

Opening of "Cerebral Vortex" Group Show At MAMA Gallery In Los Angeles

MAMA Gallery twists itself into a temporary coil, experiencing an equally unexplainable impulse to spiral briefly into the form of the Cerebral Vortex. This multi- sensory group exhibition features work from eight highly cerebral artists, like Jonathan Bepler, James Franco, Henry Hopper, Galen Pehrson, Luckey Remington, Angeline Rivas, Adam Tullie, and Double Diamond Sun Body. Cerebral Vortex will be on view until October 31, 2015 at MAMA Gallery, 1492 Palmetto Street, Los Angeles. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper and Sara Clarken

The Little House A Multi-Sensory Experience by Moral Turgeman

"The Little House" is an installation experience by Moral Turgeman with sound by Joe McKee that is on view now at MAMA gallery. This is the first time the true to size mirrored house is shown to the public after a nine-month construction period - with tunnels that lead to a cavernous and cozy interior where you will be able to put on headphones and delve into a binaural sound therapy bath. The Little House can be experienced for a limited time at MAMA Gallery, 242 Palmetto St, Los Angeles, CA. photographs by Sara Clarken

A Group Show Entitled "To Hide To Show" Opens Tomorrow At MAMA Gallery In Los Angeles, Read Our Exclusive Interviews with the Artists

Opening tomorrow night in Los Angeles, MAMA gallery will present To Hide To Show, a group exhibition derived from a contemporary French social anthropological study entitled Montrer / Occulter, which loosely translates to the exhibition’s title. The artists chosen to represent the ideas and concepts behind this study, and its conclusions, experiment with the notion of concealing and revealing on a societal, intellectual and creative basis. These artists include Clara Balzary, Zoe Crosher, Nana Ghana, Ariana Papademetropolous, Mattea Perrotta, Fay Ray, Lisa Solberg, and Johanna Tagada. Click here to read our interviews with all the artists.