Opening Tonight In New York: Patricia Field Brings Her Sartorial Genius to A Dover Street Market Holiday Gift Shop

Patricia Field is best known to a certain generation of women as the coveted costume designer behind the looks of Carrie Bradshaw, but she means infinitely more to the convergence of fashion with downtown New York’s art world. Since the 1980s when she held exhibitions for the budding artists Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat at her East Village boutique, Field has been a champion of both New York grown artists and fashion designers. She has truly one of the most unique eyes in the world. “I look for the same thing in art that I look for in fashion,” says Field. “It’s chemical. I see it, I like it, and I go for it.” Click here to read more. 

The Queen Of Punk Has Died: Read Our In-Depth Exploration of The Incendiary Life and Times Of Edwige Belmore

Edwige Belmore, “the queen of punk” has died at the age of 58 in Miami. A great many things can be said of Edwige Belmore and yet it seems that the complexity of her journey through life remains all too mysterious. What we do know is that she personally touched the lives of some of the greatest cultural influencers of the 20th century, from Helmut Newton to Andy Warhol. Indeed, her life was a long, beautiful rags to riches, to rags to riches, and back to rags again, tale of heartbreak and obscurity. Starting with her abandonment by her parents to her discovery by the world of high fashion and art, and to the end of her life, where she was the resident artist and landscaper at the Vagabond Hotel in Miami – her LinkedIn account lists “landscaping hobo” and “palm tree studies” as her duties. There is certainly no way to encapsulate all of the moments of her life in a meager list of 10, but I’ve attempted to all the same. Click here to read 10 things you need to know about Edwige Belmore.