Color Out of Space Group Show Inspired By H.P. Lovecraft @ Lowell Ryan Projects in Los Angeles

Lowell Ryan Projects presents Color Out of Space, a group exhibition inspired by the eponymous short story of H.P. Lovecraft that brings together works by Mark Flood, Nasim Hantehzadeh, Kysa Johnson, Laurie Nye, and Galen Trezise. In Lovecraft’s story, a meteorite crashes in a remote farm and, as it shrinks, releases globules of “impossible to describe” colors that have mutative effects on the surrounding plants, animals, and humans. No solution is found. No motive is uncovered. “Do not ask me for my opinion,” the unnamed narrator concludes. “I do not know—that is all.” Color Out of Space will be on view until April 6 at Lowell Ryan Projects, 4851 West Adams Blvd.

Check Out Five Favorites From Artsy And Sotheby's Input/Output Auction That Are "Must Haves" For Collectors

Richard Prince, Mark Flood, Parker Ito, you know, the biggies – Artsy's Stas Chyzhykova has create a list of five of her favorite works from the Input/Output auction presented by Artsy and Sotheby's, that are "must haves" for collectors. Tonight is your last chance to bid on these works. Click here to see the list. All works will be on view at Fused Space in San Francisco from October 22 to October 30, 2015.

Mark Flood Gives An Obscene and Depraved Lesson On How To Become An Artist @ The SFAQ [Project] Space

It’s clear that Houston based artist Mark Flood has a love/hate relationship with the art world – with the scales often leaning toward the latter. It feeds him, clothes him and allows him to make his work, but what he hates is the politics, the obsequiousness of collectors, the hyperbole of the press, the endless “bad” art, and the rusty, death defying latter good artists put themselves through to get to the top. These are allow things Flood is exploring in Some Frequently Assked Questions – a show that is on view now at the exciting SFAQ [Project] Space in the gritty Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. A perfect place to stage Flood’s vitriol, but nonetheless it’s a brilliant, must-see show that may be one of the best of the year. Some pieces of note are two triptychs smattered with memes that read as a how-to-guide for making it to the top of the art food chain – the images are gruesome, pornographic, horrifying tidbits plucked from the netherweb – stand back and it spells out LOL and KEK, which is a World of Warcraft translation of the former. Some Frequently Assked Questions will be on view until August 15, 2015 at the SFAQ [Project] Space, O'Farrell, 441 O'Farrell St, San Francisco, CA. Text and photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

Mark Flood's Teaser Video for 'Astro Turf Yelp Review Says Yes'

As usual, Mark Flood has put out another bizarre teaser video for his show, entitled 'Astro Turf Yelp Review,' which opens May 1st at Peres Projects in Berlin. This is the gallery’s sixth solo show with the Houston-based, American artist. In addition to new works from the text and logo series, this exhibition is centered around a new series Aged Paintings, which are exhibited in Berlin for the first time.

Mark Flood: Another Painting @ CAMSTL

The first solo museum exhibition of Houston-based artist Mark Flood, Another Painting features key examples of the artist’s recent text, lace, and corporate logo paintings. With a deadpan and confrontational tone, Flood’s work interrogates the verbal, visual, and written language of institutions—such as government, Wall Street, and the art market—that influence everyday life. Appropriating the vernacular of these establishments, Flood seeks to reveal what he believes to be their inherent absurdity and desire to control. Another Painting will be on view until January 3, 2015 at the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis, 3750 Washington Blvd St. Louis, MO

Mark Flood The Hateful Years

On view this month at Luxembourg & Dayan gallery in New York, works by Punk propagandist Mark Flood who has been making art for the last three decades in his unique style of commentary on contemporary culture that is both shocking and witty. The show, entitled Mark Flood: The Hateful Years will be on view from July 18 through September 29, Luxembourg & Dayan, 64 E 77th St