Love Is Something Heavy: Read Our Interview With Multimedia Artist Sara Rahbar Before Her Presentation of New Work During the NADA Art Fair

Sara Rahbar is an artist who bravely transverses borders and permeates boundaries. Though often labeled an “Iranian American artist” (her family fled Iran in 1982 during the beginning of the Revolution), she prefers to relocate herself in a collective humanity. Transcending genre, her work ranges from photography and paint to textiles and sculpture. Rahbar’s work reflects this permeability, combining seemingly antithetical ideas – American flags sewn together with traditional Persian fabrics, hearts made out of military backpacks – in a beautiful and generative juxtaposition. Click here to read more. 

Highlights from the 2015 NADA Art Fair At Basketball City In New York

photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

6 Booths You Have to Visit On The Last Day of the 2015 NADA Art Fair

1. See Elizabeth Jaeger's awkwardly beautiful sculpture - entitled "Maybe We Die so the Love Doesn't Have To," 2015 at Jack Hanley Gallery (Booth 2.30) 2. See artist Janson Stegner's erotic and sinuously lengthened portraits of cheerleaders and female cops at the Sorry We're Closed booth 3. Like Fragonard on too many tabs of acid, see Irish painter Genieve Figgis's works on view at the Half Gallery booth (404) 4. See artist Betty Tompkins' pussies, pearls and penises on view at the Louis B. James gallery booth (booth 2.26) 5. Perhaps the most exciting and thrilling booth belongs to the Oslo, Norway based gallery Rod Bianco with a solo presentation of work by artist Vaginal Davis, entitled “Flirtation Walk (The Ho Stroll)," which explores homosexuality and male prostitution through a long prose poem that is juxtaposed against hunks of Hollywood's golden era 6. Wall sculptures by artist Sara Rahbar combines religion's sanctifying iconography and man's tools of trade - shovels, rifle butts and crucifixes – in primitive, neo-Dadaist assemblages on view at the Carbon 12 booth. The 2015 NADA Art Fair will be on view until May 17, 2015 at at Basketball City, located at 299 South Street on the East River.