Autre Magazine Two Day Takeover At Owl Bureau In Highland Park

Autre magazine celebrated its Spring 2019 issue with a two day takeover at Chandelier Creative’s West Coast outpost, Owl Bureau, a former pharmacy in Highland Park. The takeover started with an event on Saturday evening and daytime gathering with a lecture from fire ecologist Richard Minnich. Cocktails were provided by Madre Mezcal. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

"Metropolitan Sets" by Mattia Biagi Presented by 1st Dibs at The BADD House in Los Angeles

Metropolitan Sets is a collection of featured pieces from Mattia Biagi, a series of sculptural furniture that expresses his personal investigation of dichotomies: life and death, nature and civilization, preservation and transformation. Shop the collection here. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

Presentation of Yazbukey Fitness Club Spring Summer 2019 During Paris Fashion Week

A lithe group of dancers, acrobats and contortionists graced the stage for the high-voltage presentation of Yazbukey Fitness Club – surrealist designer, Yazbukey’s full-throttle spring/summer 2019 collection. Her latest works inspired by the current obsessions with fit culture, fitspo, and the like are a welcome alternative to the dominating athleisure forces as of late. photographs by Flo Kohl

Sexy Beast Benefit For Planned Parenthood Los Angeles Hosted By Andy Richter @ The Theatre at Ace Hotel

The second edition of Sexy Beast, supporting Planned Parenthood Los Angeles (PPLA), was hosted by Andy Richter at the historic Theatre at Ace Hotel. Works by Barbara Kruger, Marilyn Minter, Julie Mehretu, Ed Ruscha, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Sterling Ruby were up for auction to support PPLA.  photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

The First "Nonobject(ive)" Summer Happening @ The Broad Museum in Los Angeles

The Broad museum’s Nonobject(ive): Summer Happenings series kicked off last Saturday. The program was inspired by the museum’s first special exhibition, Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life. The late-night series animated important influences of leading contemporary artists through music and performance, fluctuating between happenings, salons and productions. The first program featured the lush beauty of Perfume Genius’s orchestrations and the ever-changing masked choreography of Narcissister. In the spirit of Cindy Sherman’s photographs, performance collective Mutant Salon transformed visitors’ hair, make-up and minds in a lavish pop-up beauty parlor and hive for creative collaboration and self-care. Lotic created dark beats in The Broad’s distinctive architecture, and Cindytalk performed electronic soundscapes that blended rhythmic dissonance with ethereal vocals. The event included same-night access to the full museum, including the Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life special exhibition. photographs by Dicko Chan

Love Is Something Heavy: Read Our Interview With Multimedia Artist Sara Rahbar Before Her Presentation of New Work During the NADA Art Fair

Sara Rahbar is an artist who bravely transverses borders and permeates boundaries. Though often labeled an “Iranian American artist” (her family fled Iran in 1982 during the beginning of the Revolution), she prefers to relocate herself in a collective humanity. Transcending genre, her work ranges from photography and paint to textiles and sculpture. Rahbar’s work reflects this permeability, combining seemingly antithetical ideas – American flags sewn together with traditional Persian fabrics, hearts made out of military backpacks – in a beautiful and generative juxtaposition. Click here to read more. 

Read Wolfgang Tillmans' Statement On His Pro-EU Campaign

Dear Friends, I’m sure you are also following with horror the rightwards drift and anti-EU sentiment brewing across Europe. The Dutch referendum should be the final wake-up call, alerting people to the real risk of the UK’s EU referendum resulting in a victory for Leave. The official ‘Remain’ campaign feels lame and is lacking in passion. It also lacks an active drive to get voters registered – and with the deadline already falling two weeks before the referendum, this should be an urgent priority. I want to get involved and actively campaign. In particular, I want to work towards maximizing turnout among younger voters by focusing on the first, crucial step: voter registration – the deadline for which is June 7! So anyone who hasn’t registered before this date has no chance of having a say, no matter how strongly they feel about the issue. So the really crucial date is June 7. Everyone’s grannies registered their vote long ago, but students no longer get automatically registered by their unis. This is because of a new law brought in by the Conservatives that makes it possible for them to disenfranchise up to 800,000 students, who as a group tend to move around a lot more and so drop off the voter register easily. I feel that we have reached a critical moment that could prove to be a turning point for Europe as we know and enjoy it – one that might result in a cascade of problematic consequences and political fall-out. Firstly, the weakening of the EU is a goal being actively pursued by strongmen like Vladimir Putin and European parties on the far-right that are funded by Russia (a little known fact). Furthermore, Brexit would provoke calls for referendums in many other countries and could effectively spell the end of the EU. It’s a flawed and problematic institution, but on the whole it stands for a democratic worldview, human rights and favors cooperation over confrontation. It could prove to be a one-in-a-generation moment. Can you imagine the years of renegotiations for undoing treaties, and all the negativity that would surround that. In the past weeks myself and assistants at my London and Berlin studios and Between Bridges worked on these texts and designs. Please feel free to share these posters, they work as print your own PDFs, or on social media, or in any other way you can think of. I consider them open-source, you can take my name tag off if more appropriate. Let’s hope for the best - but hope may not be enough. Click here to download Tillman's campaign posters. 

Daba Dubai: Read Carbon 12's Suggestions On Where To Stay and What To Eat and Drink In Dubai During Art Week

When most people think Dubai, they think money, flash, grandeur and excess. In fact, there is a theory that the word Dubai literally means “money” – from an old Arabic proverb, "Daba Dubai,” which translates to, “They came with a lot of money.” However, over the last few years, Dubai has become a major force in the art world with galleries, such as our friends at Carbon 12, that are popping up in the industrial region of Dubai known as Al Quoz. Click here to read more. 

Mad About The Boy: Read Our Interview With SHOWStudio's Lou Stoppard On Fashion And Fashion's Obsession With Youth

With the massive outpour of round the clock fashion coverage and inundation, SHOWStudio editor’s Lou Stoppard still firmly stands out. As a writer, broadcaster, and curator, Stoppard offers both a conceptual understanding of fashion as well as an open-mindedness to the changes in the industry that allows her work a warm resonance that rings true throughout the media. As SHOWstudio editor, Stoppard has picked the brains of designers ranging from Nasir Mazhar, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Public School, Cottweiler, and many more. Perhaps most infamously, Stoppard was granted a two-hour interview with Kanye West following his Yeezy Season 2 presentation. Click here to read the full interview. 

Raymond Pettibon Creates A Limited Edition Tote Bag To Support The New York Public Library

This season, MZ Wallace teamed up with artist Raymond Pettibon to create a tote bag that benefits the New York Public Library. 100% of the proceeds will go toward enhancing the library’s special collections. Click here to purchase. photograph by Brad Elterman

Linda McCartney and Mary McCartney: Mother Daughter Opening @ Gagosian Gallery in New York

Exhibited together for the first time, the photographs of the late Linda McCartney and her daughter Mary explore the connective tissue of family, common experience, and a love of the photographic medium. Their images are highly instinctual, rather than analytical; as well they reveal a great ability to capture fleeting moments of intimacy. Spanning three decades, works by the photographers are organized to reveal the almost symbiotic harmony between them. The exhibition is a treasury of moments derived from relaxed interactions with family, a dazzling array of celebrities—Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Kate Moss, Rihanna—and everyday life. Evident is a shared sensibility between mother and daughter in how they establish an emotional rapport with their subjects and exact a sense of their true selves. Rather than distinguishing between works by Linda or Mary, the installation proposes their vision of the world as one. Linda McCartney and Mary McCartney: Mother Daughter will be on view until December 19, 2015 at Gagosian Gallery, 976 Madison Avenue, New York. photographs by J Grassi (Patrick McMullen Company)

Lucia Ribisi Chooses Her Favorite Feminist Memoirs That Came Out in 2015

The political and social landscape of 2015 inspired need for both self-reflection and a call to action. This year, we saw the release of beautiful new memoirs by feminist icons of the past few decades—Patti Smith, Gloria Steinem, Janet Mock, and more—tackling issues of women’s rights, self-empowerment, and art itself. Here are some of Lucia Ribisi's favorite feminist memoirs from the past year, along with some additional must-read memoirs. Click here to read.