Gypsy Sport FW 2016 Presentation During New York Fashion Week Mens @ Skylight Clarkson

Gypsy Sport’s FW 2016 presentation shunned a runway for an aesthetic so much more powerful. Designer Rio Uribe opted for a podium of his typically streetcasted models. Once telling Dazed that he streetcasts because he wanted the label to “span all five boroughs of NYC and the different races, genders, and cultures,” the models, while all professional soccer player ripped, were of a mixed bag of racial backgrounds. Can high fashion actually be inclusive? Doesn’t that sort of go against the whole idea of luxury? Uribe doesn’t care one fucking bit. Sick clothes for culturally ignored cultures. FW 2016 menswear felt like a new high in the brand’s aesthetic. Many of the looks exhibited the brand’s pension for gender fluidity: beautifully patterned smocks, blue dresses with smartly placed zippers, and jumpers elongated up at the sleeves and cropped at the waist. But, there were also pieces a more conventional dresser would feel nothing less than confident wearing, such as the excellent denim-esque fabric sweatshirt in baby blue, wildly oversized but fitted just right. Gypsy Sport usually does a good show, but a presentation felt right here somehow. It seemed to elevate the brand beyond the early beginnings of a passive concept and into a new stage of active manufacturing of desirable products.  Text and photographs by Adam Lehrer

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