Lenz Geerk: Mixed Blessings @ Roberts Projects In Los Angeles

Lenz Geerk is a figurative painter whose subjects of portraits, landscapes and still-lifes are portrayed in exceptional intensity and luminosity.He manipulates traditional techniques to bring distinct render to every figure through soft acrylic color. The nearly monochromatic palettes, only occasionally warmed by other colors, add an aura of heightened emotional tension. Geerk’s new series is an insightful examination into the undercurrent of the threat, uncertainty, and fear of the current day. Unlike “The Table Portraits”, Geerk’s first solo show with the gallery, there is no formal link between the individual works of this show. What ultimately connects the works on view is an underlying feeling of domestic suspense, fueled by an unsettling lack of faith in larger institutions. Mixed Blessings is on view through October 12 at Roberts Projects 5801 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, California. photographs courtesy of Roberts Projects

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Where the political left was once the clear bastion of free speech and expression in the U.S., it could be argued that the new left silences thought and speech perceived as antithetical or offensive to its values almost as much as the right wing does, or did. This is a problem for culture, and evidently, for art. “Political correctness,” says Slovenian philosopher and cultural theorist Slavoj Žižek, “is a desperate attempt by the public norms to tell you what is decent, what is not.” What Žižek suggests here is that political correctness can be harmful in its ability to obscure the truth and dilute public discourse; by sanitizing rhetoric we sanitize cultural meaning. This climate of over-the-top, politically correct theatrics has infiltrated the art world; art’s job is ultimately to push back on societal taboos and interrogate prevailing norms. Good art is almost always offensive to someone. Click here to read more

Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s Solo Exhibition "Just Another Step on the Staircase" @ Werkartz

Just Another Step on the Staircase is an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. Organized by Price Latimer, this is the first exhibition of Lindsay-Hogg’s work in the U.S. since 2015. Now, in his late career, he has embraced a manner of painting that comprises vivid psychological portraits not unlike those of Max Beckmann, Howard Finster and Paul Klee. The work is in many ways a direct form of creative expression with little regard for self-aggrandizing or promotion, rather identifying with direct moments that connect with eroticism, innocence and everyday human drama. The show is open through May 13th at Werkartz 927 S. Santa Fe Avenue Los Angeles. photographs by Oliver Kupper