A Studio Visit With Sculptor and Site-Specific Installation Artist Galia Linn

Galia Linn’s sculptures are translators and communicators of nature’s mysterious and often untranslatable language. As a site-specific installation, they stand as symbolic guardians in the face of nature’s intrinsic fragility, especially in the face of human disregard. Each sculpture is a totem, inspired by relics of the Neolithic era, that communicate deeply complex philosophies about our relationship with nature on a primal and subconscious level. Based in Los Angeles, Galia Linn grew up in Israel,  on the very axis of ancient and modern civilizations. Water, oxygen, fire and earthen clay are manipulated in random orders and machinations to develop her works, which seem almost like timeless artifacts. Autre was lucky enough to pay a visit to Linn's studio to experience her works. Like an excavation site, Galia Linn's work can be touched, peered inside and meditated with – with the intention that the viewer will walk away with a transformative understanding that we are not separate from nature, but a part of nature. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper