Read Audra Wist's Sumptuous Masturbatorial Meditation on Facesitting

I just masturbated to the thought of sitting on someone’s face. I figured whatever came to mind I’d write about. And really, what better way to begin writing about facesitting than right after getting off to the thought. What is it about the act? Just a few minutes ago before writing these words, I was lying in bed rubbing myself to the thought of my ass coming down gently on a particular face, me “triumphantly” above him, as he often remarks. The pressure and weight of my ass resting on his face, suffocating him temporarily and squeezing my thighs against his neck and head. I like the way he gasps for air as I release his face from the grip of my derriere. The image alone sets off a fantastic wank — a vision of ivory softness, large and overwhelming, looming above his face, which is soon to be smothered into erogenous bliss. Click here to read more. 


J.W. Anderson is currently hosting an exclusive, online exhibition and print sale of photographs by English photographer Ian David Baker. Baker's intimate, black-and-white portraits and collages offer a rare glimpse into gay youth subculture of 1980s England. The 50 images displayed in the exhibit have been personally curated by designer Jonathan Anderson and selected from Baker's archive. Many of the negatives no longer exist, making these original prints the last remaining copies of Baker's early work. Visit J.W. Anderson's website to view the exhibition and purchase prints.

See Our New Editorial by Raquel Pellicano Shot In An Architectural Gem in Brasília

Located in the Brazilian Highlands - Brasília was developed by urban planners and architects Lúcio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer in 1956 in order to move the capital from Rio de Janeiro to a more centralized located. Downtown proper is filled brilliant examples of midcentury splendor and some of the greatest masterpieces belonging to Costa and Niemeyer - along with landscapes by Roberto Burle Marx. In the this editorial, shot in one of the beautiful modernist homes in the suburbs by photographer Raquel Pellicano, the model's beauty is matched perfectly against the beauty of the architecture with its steel, wood and concrete accents. Click here to see the full editorial. 

Adanowsky Has Surreal Orgasm with Stoya In New Music Video

Adan Jodorowsky - AKA Adanowsky - (son of cult filmmaker and artist Alejandro Jodorowsky) stars and directs in his new music video, alongside pornstar Stoya, for the track Would You Be Mine. In a bedlam of forrest and jungle animals and two geishas, Jodorowsky and Stoya embrace in multiple, sometimes sacrilegious (if you count sodomy with a crucifix sacrilegious), positions until the pornstar comes to a climax in beautiful liquid form. Oh, and then they fly away together. Watch the video above - we won't judge you if you need to be alone. 

Bizarre Life VIP Opening at the Taschen Gallery in Los Angeles

Opening of Bizarre Life – The Art of Elmer Batters & Eric Stanton at the Taschen Gallery in Los Angeles, a controversial and essential exhibit that traces the artistic struggle of these two pioneers of fetish art, from the gritty post-war streets of Times Square to their position today as cultural icons. On view until May 24th, 2015 at the Taschen Gallery, 8070 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

Sex Ed at Art Basel Miami 2013

Adarsha Benjamin curates a group show called Sex Ed at Art Basel Miami 2013. Through performances, lectures, site specific installation and various participatory events, Sex Ed will be a forum for novel discussions about the past, present, and future of sex, in all its multifarious possibilities and expressions in the 21st century. Sex Ed will be on view from December 4 to December 8 at Always Flowers, 60 NE 39th Street, Miami, Florida.