Daniel Arsham "3018" Solo Show Opens @ Perrotin In New York

3018 is an exhibition of new work by Daniel Arsham. This is his fifteenth exhibition with Perrotin since joining the gallery in 2005. Though the exhibition contains pieces never before seen in New York, visitors will recognize strains of previous works by Arsham, as signature forms and strategies recur, unifying Arsham’s involvement in different disciplines—sculpture, architecture, film, performance—into a total oeuvre. 3018 continues Arsham’s dystopian vision of the future, one in which culture as we know it today is eroded, and the objects of modern life have fallen into aestheticized obsolescence. 3018 opens this Saturday 8 and is on view through October 21 at Perrotin 130 Orchard Street New York

Daniel Arsham "Circa 2345" @ Galerie Perrotin in New York

Galerie Perrotin presents Daniel Arsham’s first solo show with the gallery in New York. The exhibition will feature sculptural pieces, breakthrough use of color as well as a large scale installation. Daniel Arsham’s sculptural works are poetic constructions made up of juxtapositions of form and material: a 16mm film projector rendered in ash and hydrostone, or a 20th century iconic guitar, formed out of white glacial rock dust, its crumbling areas integral to its haunting beauty. Transforming compressed elemental materials such as stone, crystal and ash into carefully chosen important cultural artifacts, Arsham offers a brief glimpse into our current culture and its signifiers, as if seen far off into the future. Daniel Arsham "Circa 2345" will be on view until October 22, 2016 at Galerie Perrotin in New York. photographs by Adam Lehrer

Read Our Exclusive Interview of Artist and Fictional Archeologist Daniel Arsham Before His Solo Show In Hong Kong

Daniel Arsham makes art. His studio is nestled away on a quiet street in the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn. You could pass his studio door a hundred times and not even notice it, were you not looking for it. The front of the building almost looks to be an extension of his art. And, behind the unassuming door is a vast treasure of ash, crystal, obsidian and other substances that make up the various forms of his sculptures. Click here to read the full interview.