Haas Brothers "Haas Angeles" @ UTA Artist Space In Los Angeles

UTA Artist Space presents Haas Angeles, the first exhibition in Los Angeles by multi-faceted sculptors, designers, craftsmen, and artists The Haas Brothers. Their internationally renowned work defies strict categorization, as do the fraternal twins themselves, disrupting both the design and art world with their playful and provocative biomorphic creations. Haas Angeles will be on view until October 14, 2017 at UTA Artist Space, 670 S Anderson St, Los Angeles, CA. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

Private Opening Of The "Human Condition" Group Show Curated by John Wolf At A Former Hospital in Los Angeles

Human Condition is an immersive, site-specific exhibition that features the work of sixty emerging and established artists in a uniquely challenging space: a former hospital in West Adams, previously known as the Los Angeles Metropolitan Medical Center. Curated and produced by the Los Angeles-based art advisor John Wolf, Human Condition invites artists to re-contextualize the hospital’s functional history—over 40,000 square feet of it—as a venue to explore what it means to be human. Human Condition is a unique opportunity to experience artwork outside the confines of a typical art space. In using the skeletal remains of the hospital and its discarded medical supplies, artists and viewers are encouraged to explore the notion of what we leave behind—from objects to human history. Human Condition opens to the public on October 1, 2016 and runs through November 30, 2016. Address: 2231 S Western Ave. Los Angeles, CA. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

Getting Afreaky: Check Out Our Interview and Studio Tour Of The Mystical Creative Force of Nature That Is The Haas Brothers

The Haas brothers seem like mystical ambassadors from the future. However, they are not here to portend of doom and gloom, like the current headlines may lead you to predict. Indeed, the future looks pretty bright according to Nikolai and Simon Haas – fraternal twins who make high-end sculptural objects that only the very lucky can afford, but are almost talismanic in their complexity and humorous in their intentional simplicity. The materials the brothers use mimic natural and rare phenomena in nature. This gives their work a sexual energy that takes phallic and vaginal forms, replete with folds and shafts and rounded curves that could make the prudish contingent quite sensitive. Put the work together and it looks like a combination of Maurice Sendak's menagerie of Wild Things and Dr. Seuss on too many tabs of acid. Click here to read the interview and see more pictures.